YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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B.E Architecture

Anderson Road House

With each project, BE Architecture seek to find a sense of identity through a key project material, something the client can take ownership of. At Anderson Road, this came in the form of a brick. The brick denotes the domestic, a singular and humble building block when treated correctly, creates buildings of instant permanence and opportunities for delicate detailing. The dusty pink and red tones of the brick, with the blurring of a flush-struck mortar, reference the client’s heritage while providing the physical and conceptual backbone of the new home.

The house is broken into a series of simple forms that step across the sloping site, allowing the individual to move between and experience the key material en masse. Supporting materials of white off-form concrete, light oak flooring, and putty-colored surfaces tie the building together, creating moments of contrast while never competing. A verdant landscape rushes in to fill the space between these forms, creating a series of light courts that feed the internal spaces, providing light and ventilation to key areas. Tropical-inspired planting and deep pools of water create an integrated oasis, the deep greens, and blues providing relief against the solidity of the materials and rigidity of form.

Central to the brief was the idea of family. The house had to provide privacy and intimacy for a family of four while being able to open, entertain, host, and grow. The double-height glazed façade greets each guest with an in-situ concrete stair that wraps between floors. Though impressive as an entry feature, the space creates a threshold to the more private spaces beyond while allowing natural ventilation and light to circulate across the floors. A guest suite sits quietly to the side away from the main living spaces, providing a private space for grandparents to stay. Secondary living spaces peel

Away from the main entry creating moments of respite, whether it be for the kids or the parents. Central to all of these is the brick and glass pavilion that houses the kitchen, the true heart of the home. Whether everyday cooking or show-stopping meals, the kitchen extends into the garden with an outdoor entertaining space anchored by a curved brick wood-fired oven.

The project benefited from early engagement with the construction team, working through a detailed design with a budget in mind, which proved invaluable when hit with the uncertainty of the last two years. BE Architecture  are inherently aware of the importance of external contribution in achieving successful outcomes on their projects, with Anderson the relationship with the individual trades was vital. It allowed they to source cost-effective materials and elevate them through their detailing and application. From discussions with bricklayers on how they lay, what mortar types they use, and how it is applied. To the concreters, finding the exact level of controlled finish while still allowing the roughness of the nature to shine through. This continuing dialogue was essential in the delivery of the project.


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