YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Guiyang PKU Resources Zijing Mansion Model Room

       A drop of ink fell from the upstairs and hit the rice paper. The ink splashed all over the place with a kind of momentum, and then the ink became the content. - wu guanzhong
       The waterfall flows onto the mountain, just as strong plum flower and rugged rock, which is a justifiable relationship with nature, showing the strength and thickness of the spirit of life at the same time as the balance coexistence of "pen" and "line". Leisure and contemplation convey a state of mind and mind.
       “"Beauty" is a "axis" concept, while "form" and "artistic conception" constitute the "beauty" inside and outside. The designer tries to transform the form into flowing lines to create the image of mountain stream and waterfall. Flowing water soup, faint fragrance plum blossom stands proudly from it, the cragged rocks under the waterfall, set off by the water scene, at the same time, reflecting everything around, not publicity, not noisy. Mr. Wu said, "A drop of ink fell from the upstairs and hit the rice paper. The ink splashed all over the paper with momentum. Then the ink became the content."
       With the purest artistic Angle and language as the carrier, the paper has conveyed the time-honored Chinese ink and wash culture. Between the flowing waterfall and the static ink, a quiet movement in the description of nature, settle in the attitude.
       "Quiet fragrance slowly, the breeze cicada chirp, has a period of true interest." To explore the dialogue of the mind through the interpenetration and participation of matter and me, inner and outer, spirit and matter. Tea makes you quiet, book makes you bo; Taste a clear tea, pen and ink, feel the day.
       In the restaurant, the traditional porcelain ice crack art is added to show the collision and application of texture and material with lacquer painting. Metope calligraphy and painting with pen concise, to choose the shape of points and lines, the interpretation of the beauty of nature. In the tea material, there are fruit in the bowl, such as Jade cheng fat, emei, turn tired. Starting from the true nature of life, the food utensils, with the idea of the distribution of its place, from the utensils and dao, feel the fun of food materials collocation.
       In Chinese painting, calligraphy is the art of line, which truly reflects the mind, weight and urgency of the writer. Ink and line, the simple change of ink color, convey the connotation of space and spirit, in the rhythm of "close" and "release", watching the change of life.
       Advocate lie continued shallow wood color is fundamental key, ink brush smallpox arrives metope one breath becomes, the round that brass material is qualitative hang act the role of be in harmony with ink photograph, deduce traditional craftsmanship. The wind is warm and the birds sound is broken, showing the silent and indifferent environment. In the colour that wei Yu is lukewarm embellish, the plant of weak yellow appears simple but elegant choiceness, the natural light that projects outside the window gifted exuberant vitality, smooth shadow moves, avenue nature.
       In Chinese painting, multiple "ideographs" are rarely discussed, lines are used as the pen, nature is used as the teacher, so as to achieve the essence of nature. Listen to the running water, sit idly watching the spring and Autumn, the natural texture, the wind drift of the leaves, meaning from leisurely, enough to write deep bosom. I want to return to the quiet and pure childhood, calligraphy and painting also appear simple and far, the new vision emerges at the right moment, the discussion is no longer how to seek appearance, but how to convey meaning, causing resonance of the viewer.
       Reeds grow green and white dew is frost. The tone of light wood with pink highlights the innocence of childhood, which is quiet, beautiful and yet active. Enjoying the stage full of fantasy in life... "Pine after rain, follow the mountains to the water. Xi Hua and Zen, relative also forget words." The green of the courtyard through the window, seems to have a kind of quiet and free realm. Burn incense and play chess. Sit quietly spread waist, lift eye refreshing, reveal the taste of demure, shu ran of the gas. Dehydrated, close your eyes, feel the heart walk, the state of mind refreshing.

Project Name: Guiyang PKU Resources Zijing Mansion Model Room 
Project Location: Guiyang, China
Project Area: About 450㎡
Interior Design: Guangzhou GBD 
Soft Decoration design: Guangzhou GBD 
Special Thanks: | Guiyang PKU Resources Headquarters / Guiyang Branch
Project Photography: Shi Yunfeng


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