YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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  • Care House

    Care House

    Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP was commissioned by local owner The Care House to design a hotel medical building for children with difficult medical conditions and families with travel difficulties to help them regain The vitality of their daily lives.
  • Annai Hotel

    Annai Hotel

    Guiyang, to me, it’s a cool, natural and slow-paced city to me. That's why foreign tourists choose Guiyang as their travel destination, they must want to feel and experience the unique charm of this city.
  • Aman Yangyun Shanghai

    Aman Yangyun Shanghai

    The resort was designed by Kerry Hill Architects as part of a restoration of a 2,000 year old forest. Set in Shanghai, amidst a flourishing forest of ancient camphor trees, stands Amanyangyun, a picturesque retreat embodying the essence of Chinese spirituality, introspection and beauty.
  • Almanac Barcelona

    Almanac Barcelona

    Almanac Hotels is a new luxury hospitality tastemaker developing iconic hotels in landmark locations.
  • Hotel One Barcelona

    Hotel One Barcelona

    The H10 Hotels group has entrusted the designer Jaime Beriestain to design their first five star hotel, under The One Hotels brand, that has opened its doors in the heart of Barcelona’s Example district.
  • Hotel Hilton Tanger

    Hotel Hilton Tanger

    In order to create a haven of tranquility in an emerging and busy city, Jaime Beriestain has designed the Hotel Hilton Tangier with a mixture of European and ethnic style.
  • Neuma


    With architecture that consists of restored colonial buildings and a few newer additions, the district is home to some of the most interesting adaptive reuse projects in the city.
  • OKKO Hotel Paris

    OKKO Hotel Paris

    From the large sculptural chandelier overlooking the living area to the love seats that create intimate but convivial areas at the same time.
  • Grand Park Hotel

    Grand Park Hotel

    Grand Park Hotel is a viewpoint for the most beautiful stage on the Adriatic. Located directly on the coast of the northern Croatian city of Rovinj , near the marina and the promenade, it connects the inner city area with the tourist attractions of the Monte Mulini zone.
  • The Middle House

    The Middle House

    The rooms are furnished with a combination of contemporary design ele­ments, custom made pieces and some modern reinterpretations of tradi­tional Asian furniture.
  • Roomers Hotel Baden

    Roomers Hotel Baden

    Located in one of the most prestigious areas of Baden Baden, the Roomers Hotel is an urban project developed by Langestrasse 100 and designed by Lissoni Architettura together with KHP Architekten. It features 130 rooms and suites, restaurant, bar, spa and outdoor pool with rooftop bar.
  • Roku Kyoto

    Roku Kyoto

    Inspired by the swaying bamboo in the wind, the building of a vivid scene creates an intimate connection between the guests and nature.
  • Wayé Hotel

    Wayé Hotel

    The hotel program only needed 30% of the space of the 40902.86ft² lot, located on one of the main avenues.
  • Patina Maldives Hotel

    Patina Maldives Hotel

    The hotel in the Maldives will provide a welcoming space for people to live light, unleash creativity, amplify natural feelings in a dreamy state.For the past years, studio mk27 team has had the privilege to imagine a shelter for a radical living experience, a temporary home in the exuberant infinite blues, wildlife, and open skies.
  • Miroku Nara

    Miroku Nara

    Miroku Nara by THE SHARE HOTEL is located by the shores of "Araike" at the southern end of Nara Park, where can see UNESCO heritage sites such as the Kofukuji Five-storied Pagoda and the Kasugayama Primeval Forest.