YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

© logo 粤ICP备19077098号
  • Sage Kintex

    Sage Kintex

    The elaborate curve resembling the curve of a teacup comes in from the outside facade and the entrance creating an empathetic passage escorting the customers in.
  • Nonspace Cafe

    Nonspace Cafe

    It is not a universalized physical space but a differentiated experimental space, which is the meaning of the name“NONSPACE.” 
  • The Sushi Room

    The Sushi Room

    The Sushi Room’s interior – designed by the team at Richards & Spence – possesses a kind of pared-back minimalism that could have come straight out of Tokyo.
  • D-Scape


    In contrast to the coarsely textured exterior walls, the interior consists of a series of sleek tiled minimalist Spaces, with low Windows subtly creating a subtle underground atmosphere.
  • Joshua Coffee

    Joshua Coffee

    When DENOVA designed JOSHUA COFFEE, it tried to introduce the concept of "insight" into the space, giving lively life to the icy material. 
  • Mahe Yeosu

    Mahe Yeosu

    The maze-like travel path stimulates people's interest in exploration, and moving lines or objects run through it, showing an extroverted, chaotic rough aesthetic.
  • MUK-RI 459

    MUK-RI 459

    The entrance of the cafe creates a dark space with a black background, and DENOVA hints at the transformation of the space through local indirect lighting.
  • You Wan Xi

    You Wan Xi

    From the extraction of elements and materials, through breaking up and reorganization, the design is a gradual process of continuous abstraction, and finally gives the emotional expression of space.
  • Kizuna Restaurant

    Kizuna Restaurant

    Kizuna was originally a hanok, but due to maintenance and external works, most elements of the hanok have been removed and disappeared.
  • Mangata Restaurant

    Mangata Restaurant

    NOMAL decided to give a modern touch with an original hanok atmosphere to represent ‘coexistence’.
  • Yanlu


    Yanlu is located in the Wanxiang World of Xi'an, in the form of mall + block. It is a new brand of Laopu Roast Duck.
  • Origami-Sushi


    Its architecture presents a temple-like structure covered in a dense texture of clay; its gray hue emphasizes the earthy material.
  • GYUBAN Restaurant

    GYUBAN Restaurant

    Only the best local products are used to ensure the taste and quality of the food, and at the same time, it is a good demonstration of the local agricultural situation. As a high-end Korean restaurant, GYUBAN carries on this tradition.
  • Milk Beach Soho

    Milk Beach Soho

    Architecture which has strong Art Deco influences as well as an eclectic mix of materials and relaxed interior styling.
  • Tomacado Hangzhou

    Tomacado Hangzhou

    West Lake Grace & Tomacado Aesthetics,openingthe multiple latitudes of female time.