MACIO whole house high-end household custom brand was established in 2004, huizhou two shop in 2020, 132 - experience hall 11, works in the local city - than in the north of the most high-end household act the role of city, commissioned in huizhou creative and high quality product to the set of architectural design studio founder zhang zhijun, in the concept of spatial experience of apartment layout, Refreshing a whole space design concept, the whole household custom make MACIO the focus of the brightest, let the case be born MACIO in household industry rose higher stage, but also broke the whole house custom calendar year rut exhibition hall, the concept of traditional for custom made real whole house home is a good experience interpretation!

MACIO this project, the brand, hope to create a quiet, comfortable, chic atmosphere, head of household products display, which is different from traditional produce independent ac magnetic field, people and products used by the dot, line, face irregular geometrical line are intertwined, and scattered and the contradiction that together form a faint plane space of freedom, and at the same time through visual business experience and drainage, It's the motivation in our bones, to achieve an end rather than an end.

Form must have content, and content must be linked to nature. The design form of the door head through the landscape and the moon looks through the sensory experience of different series of MACIO products. The small is the big, the uncertainty is blurred, so that pedestrians can have a certain curiosity to enter the experience museum and enjoy the "ambiguous" relationship with the brand without definition, which seems to reflect the current relationship between people.

Eliminate complexity and simplify, find more cultural symbol attributes to create an experience space integrating home furnishes, and bring more spiritual dimensions from the beauty field, so as to achieve cognitive freedom and openness.

We tried to use wire mesh as a partition to separate the body and flow. In this way, the exhibition hall has a soft vision, standardizing the flow line of people, and a certain sense of weight.

This case presents a high-end custom exhibition hall, the design breaks the traditional field lattice sample display. With the family experience, combined with the product as the auxiliary design method, show the level of space and artistic sense, extract a purer artistic taste, to advance orderly logic line redefine the charm of the brand. Reverse thinking, starting from space, through specific space form foil the advanced products.

We have made three staggered steps on the space carrier. The geometric carrier is divided into high and low levels, which quietly divides the functional areas and drives the rhythmic rhythm of the space. Under the collision of various materials, the scene changes in the space, and also improves the spirituality and interest of the space.

​The point lighting of the space area also adds layers to the boring flat space. Enter the negotiation teahouse and sample area through the double channel, and distribute in the appropriate area under the guidance of light. People who wander can not choose the appropriate area to visit.

New exploration and definition of space, we hope operators to continue the spirit of space. Tradition is a challenge to innovation, and with traditional hospitality etiquette, reexploration and definition become the antithesis. Continuation of traditional culture and definition of new business model.

The inverted hollow passageway was noticeably more upright after being raised three levels. On the contrary, less is more, the idea of simplicity and complexity.

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