YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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House of Grey

Louisa Grey established the House of Grey interior design studio in London in 2013, boasting over two decades of design expertise that has molded her aesthetic expression into one characterized by restraint and tranquility. Inspired by her vision for creating serene and subtle luxury interiors, Louisa Grey endeavors to cultivate a sense of "simplistic elegance" or, more precisely, a natural and progressive aesthetic philosophy.

House of Grey’s ideology is focused on creating a personal world for our clients, where aesthetic, ethics and experience go hand in hand. At House of Grey there are 7 core principles which drive our design but most importantly it’s about creating a way of life, not just an interior aesthetic.

How do you assess the importance of aesthetics in contemporary design and its impact on our daily lives?

We create spaces which are retreats that aim to limit stress by removing the unnecessary and simplifying life. However, the most important factor is to create conscious design that has longevity, places that nurture the inhabitant, creating environments they want to relax in, spend time in and live in. Our daily lives are so overly stimulated from work, electrical devices and fast-paced living that our desire is to create spaces that quieten the mind, soothe the soul and nurture both physical and mental well-being.

House of Grey focus on “quiet luxury”, how do you navigate the delicate balance between nature and innovation to craft spaces that are not only aesthetically meaningful but also promote well-being?

With each of our projects, whether they are private, commercial or product, we work to create a ‘quiet luxury’, which keeps at its heart the studio’s ethos of Circular Salutogenic Design® and it is the key to creating aesthetically beautiful spaces which are focussed on the inhabitants well-being.

It is a unique approach to design which has been consciously developed to combine the consideration of all aspects of human health (Salutogenic Design®) and the use of cradle-to-cradle materials (Circular). Each decision made in the design process is based on the symbiotic principle of using natural materials that are good for human health throughout their use and actively feeding the earth upon disposal.

In your perspective, what role does aesthetics play in the preservation of cultural heritage, and how can traditional aesthetic values be seamlessly integrated and expressed within modern design?

We work intuitively, not by following trends. Our products and interiors are focused on longevity and we intentionally seek out partners and products who identify with our integrity and vision to create a design legacy beyond our own parameters. We collaborate with artisans and craft makers who uphold local traditions, don’t mass produce and create unique, one-off pieces. We source and make pieces that will not only last a lifetime but that are crafted, so that they will be handed down from generation to generation.

Could you elaborate on the influence of aesthetics in driving the evolution and transformation of contemporary interior design?

I believe that we are currently facing a massive challenge in the interior design world, the industry needs to find more sustainable approach to designing, avoiding trends and working to create interiors that evolve with us throughout our lifetime. At House of Grey we envision and create living environments that are thriving, healthy, and resilient and are designed to grow and change with the inhabitants. Creating our own beautiful eco systems which support life on earth.