Sharingi Vol.01 | Live Review x Francesc Rifé        Sharingi, is the first online design sharing column for world-renowned designers launched by Yinjispace. International designers and guests are invited to share their design concepts and works online, and strive to create the first knowledge-based online sharing column in the domestic design field!
Sharingi Vol.01 | Live Review x Francesc Rifé        On the evening of August 13, Spanish minimalism guru Francesc Rife Shared their work and design ideas in print. Many thanks to Mr. Francesc Rife for his nearly 2 hours of sharing, which brought audiences deep thoughts and inspiration!
Sharingi Vol.01 | Live Review x Francesc Rifé        In the opening, Francesc Rife quotes author Eduardo Galeano, who thinks it best defines what we are or what we want to be: "In a world full of plastic and noise, I want to be the silent earth." From day one to the present, Francesc's work has been based on the pursuit of perfection and giving the project profound meaning. He argues that timeless design should coexist with architecture of other eras. Today, Francesc will attempt to explain how this can be achieved through the materiality of nature, and in particular, through order.
Sharingi Vol.01 | Live Review x Francesc Rifé        During the sharing process, Francesc Rife told seven of his works, analyzing and telling his design story from the background, concept, material use, light and other aspects of the project! Click the image below to see the work. Listen to the story and watch the live video again!

Sharingi Vol.01 | Live Review x Francesc Rifé

Yinji: Mr. Francesc's experience and approach to creating an atmosphere with natural light?
Francesc explains: He actually learned these techniques from Asia. He used to travel and work in Japan, and he believes that Japan and China have been good operators of light for many years. For him, light is a free material that lifts the texture of the project. Everyone should feel happy that there is light. There is really no fixed technique for using light, so what you can do is to constantly study, for example, combining space to study how to capture this light, how to get it into the room in the best way, and then fill the space.

Sharingi Vol.01 | Live Review x Francesc Rifé

Yinji: Where did the inspiration come from? What are the methods?
Francesc explains: As he said in his previous lectures, he thinks evolution is more important than revolution, so each of your works, in itself, is a very unified dialogue, and there is a kind of progressive echo between the works. To be specific, where to get inspiration, nowadays everyone will travel. During the travel, you will get people from different places and things from different places. All the people or designers in different places have their own design styles, which are also the source of your inspiration. That is, everyday things you touch can be a source of inspiration. And to capture inspiration among colleagues in the studio, we have also been established for many years, each other in the emotion of having a communication or stimulation. There's history, there's culture, there's books, all of these sources of information are sources of inspiration, and the key is how to capture and form a system.

Sharingi Vol.01 | Live Review x Francesc Rifé Sharingi Vol.01 | Live Review x Francesc Rifé

Yinji: Does the business space need to think more about the business logic of selling goods?
Francesc explains: There is an online trend in business, so there are better requirements for the design of offline branded stores, Francesc said. Because customers will form their opinions on the brand based on the design of offline stores. In my opinion, no matter what you sell, brand image is the most important thing. Your brand should be recognizable and have some features that customers will remember you immediately. Every company has its own brand philosophy, so the design of each store should be combined with the company's own philosophy to design. Only strategic thinking can make a brand stand out in such a fast-changing world. After all, image is very powerful in modern society, which can promote the growth and maintenance of sales, and also promote online sales.

Sharingi Vol.01 | Live Review x Francesc Rifé

Yinji: Is the refinement of minimalist elements influenced by American masters of the 1950s? A relationship between design and art?
Francesc explains that her initial study is a tribute to the great masters of history, not just in the United States, but in Europe as well. In addition to the masters, I will also learn from some modern designers, especially my working partners. John, for example, and his friends in Japan, as well as the friends he met in Shanghai, gave him a lot of continuous inspiration, especially the new ideas that kept him abreast of The Times. As far as the relationship between architecture and art is concerned, it is indivisible, which is very important. For example, how to express ideas with colors can be seen in his works as an application of color palette. Architecture is very important, very clean lines, painting is a very important consideration. The use of light fills the whole space with artistic lighting.

Sharingi Vol.01 | Live Review x Francesc Rifé

Yinji: What kind of circumstances did it take to start the company? For designers, design is like a lifelong pursuit. Will we choose to create a studio by ourselves or with our partners at a certain stage?
Francesc explains: In the beginning, Francesc says, he also worked in other offices, learning skills and making sure that design was something he wanted to pursue. Therefore, he set up his own studio. In order to better practice the control of space, he also did a lot of small product design later, and then the design of science and technology, which was more structured. His original intention has always been to do design, and setting up a studio also gives him the opportunity to do projects around the world and travel around the world, which greatly promotes his design, which is a kind of fun for him. The young designer's suggestion is to improve their professional skills first and find the design style, which is also what he emphasizes. Evolution is more important. When skills and resources are mature, you can start your own company under certain opportunities.

Sharingi Vol.01 | Live Review x Francesc Rifé

Yinji: What's your impression of Chinese designers and designers when you are working on projects in China? China is also undergoing urban renewal, and there are many renovation projects in China.
Francesc explains: It's important to preserve history, Francesc said. At the same time, respect for the history is the most basic, let the good part be preserved, but also need to consider the characteristics of the history itself, and then you need to do new design on this basis to achieve balance, such as functional supplement. The work experience back in Shanghai gave him many opportunities to get in touch with the East and different cultures, which enabled him to make innovations in design. As for the creation of strong impression, China's excellent productivity and high degree of design completion have been gradually lost in Europe, and Chinese handmade works have been protected. Europe is losing that part.

Sharingi Vol.01 | Live Review x Francesc Rifé Sharingi Vol.01 | Live Review x Francesc Rifé        Francesc:最后,我想说,我真心相信设计能给人们的生活带来舒适和幸福,我所做的一切就是希望帮助人们能更好的认识到这一点,感谢大家今天的聆听,非常感谢印际邀请我作为这一系列讲座的嘉宾。非常感谢!

Sharingi Vol.01 | Live Review x Francesc Rifé Sharingi Vol.01 | Live Review x Francesc Rifé Sharingi Vol.01 | Live Review x Francesc Rifé

Live Feedback:
Lu Ying: The content of today's live broadcast can be said to reconstruct some of my understanding of design. Thanks to the minimalist design master from Spain, and thanks to Yinji and my little translator sister.
Chen Wenling: After listening to many live broadcasts, Yinjispace's arrangement was quite satisfying.
Wei Sili: it's a very interesting live broadcast, the Spanish master of minimalism. Thank you for your hard work in translating the whole process on the international platform.
Li Yonggang: Hungry stomach to see a design master I like live, benefit a lot!
Wang Shuangling: I have benefited a lot. Whether it is a printer or a designer, it is really touching to contact the master directly and face to face. The speaker interpreted a lot of design principles that he followed, analyzed from conception to implementation, and the relationship between design elements, which had a great influence on me.
Huang Xiaowen: I really benefit a lot from listening to excellent designers share their design experience. I hope there will be more designers with different design styles to share their experience. Thank you very much!

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