YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Yinterview.77 | British Interior Design studio House of Grey

Britain 2022-04-08

House Of Grey, a British interior design studio based in north London, was founded in 2013 by founder Louisa Grey.  The studio wanted to design a sense of well-being and beauty, assimilating high-quality, natural and sustainable materials from locally sourced sources wherever possible, and to design spaces that complement people's intuitive work and way of life, and evolve as people's needs change.  carried out from time to time.

Yinji: You named studio "House Of Grey", what is the meaning behind it? Which design philosophy do you pursue? 
Louisa Grey:At House of Grey, we design spaces that help maintain physical and mental health through our pioneering philosophy of Circular Salutogenic Design. We focus on health and contentment for both humans and nature through conscious choices that symbiotically work together with aesthetics.

Through this approach, we considerably reduce waste and pollution and help to contribute to a circular economic system, all while facilitating health through peaceful, yet energising natural environments. While ‘House of Grey’ is the namesake of our founder Louisa Grey, it also reflects the studio’s spirit of quiet, understated luxury, in which we champion soft, soothing hues and textures over ostentation and visual clutter.

Yinji:In your opinion which should be included at the core of a perfect interior design?
Louisa Grey:As a design studio, our fundamental goal is to leave a positive legacy where aesthetics, ethics and experience go hand in hand. This means that in keeping with our house style and holistic principles, non-toxic and biodegradable materials, that come from and return to the earth are at the core of our practice. We strive to create serene and refined spaces that stimulate the senses and are as nourishing to ourselves and the planet as they are visually pleasing.

Yinji: How to carry out the practice of materials?
Louisa Grey:We always aim to source our products and materials close to home, working with highquality, natural and sustainable materials wherever possible in a ‘whole-person-wholeworld approach’. We believe in embracing the imperfections created by raw, organic materials and objects that have stood the test of time. This allows us to design spaces that are good for human health and have a positive impact on the planet.

Yinji: When you start a new interior project, how to find inspiration? 
Louisa Grey:When embarking upon a new interior project, think about how you will interact with the space daily, and design accordingly to fit in with your life and respond to your needs. It is also always beneficial to explore the practice of local artisans and makers to inspire your vision and limit travel-related carbon emissions . Think about how you can create a calm interior that is gentle on yourself and respectful to nature.

Yinji:Which artists or brands will you keep working with? Why you choose them?
At House of Grey we quietly and intentionally seek out others with the same integrity and sense of purpose as our own. We are pleased to have a number of collaborators and craftspeople, both new and long-standing, with whom our vision and values are aligned. As a creative tribe, we come together to conceive thoughtful and healthy interior spaces that improve quality of life.

Such partners include Clayworks, who manufacture clay-based plaster that is 100% natural and absorbs toxins, or Armadillo, who create beautiful, ethically made, natural rugs. The people behind Fisher & Paykel - the most human-centred appliance brand in the world - also embody the ethos of House of Grey’s holistic ethos. The list goes on…

Yinji: How do you balance the functional and artistic balance of the living space? 
Louisa Grey:At House of Grey, our aesthetic goes hand in hand with function. We design with real people in mind. Through this process, we design creative, productive places that allow the mind and body to be calm and focused by reducing visual noise and distractions –maximising space and minimising clutter. This means prioritising colour, natural light, focusing on flow and avoiding harmful toxins to create a positive, productive and harmonious living space.