YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Vol.16丨Korea x Studio Fragment

Korea 2021-11-30

We design an invisible relationship that exists between any of the things in space.

The Korean design firm Studio Fragment will share the theme of "Spatial Order" through Yinji at 19:00 pm on December 10 (Friday) for the first time online sharing in China. Studio Fragment shared the studio project and the design concept behind it in detail.

Studio Fragment was founded by founder SeoDonghan. The studio spans the areas of space planning, design and production. They designed an intangible relationship that exists between everything in space. They use metaphorical language to describe the space, thinking that a fragment is not just a part, but a part that allows users to imagine the whole. By studying connectivity, usability and the relationship between the space and the project, it provides the best atmosphere for the space.

Yinji:As seen from the case, each project will have the original architectural structure and concrete presentation. In the project, the structure or concrete surface of the original building was directly exposed. What kind of thinking did you base on?
Seo Donghan:I will present the original building structure and concrete in the project. There are two main factors. One is that I don't like fake materials. I like natural materials in their pure form. I don't like too much decoration. Like many natural wood materials, they have natural textures. 

The second point, I prefer concrete because concrete itself is powdery. Something like this powder has no power, but by mixing with chemicals, water or some small gravel, it can become mixed with stone. The same sturdiness, I think this is its charm.

Yinji: What state and environment do you like to experience life in?
Seo Donghan:I really like to experience life through travel. Through travel, I can get in touch with the architecture and culture of different countries and have a new understanding of them. I especially like Europe, China and Japan which are rich in culture. Traveling always brings me new inspiration. 

Unfortunately, because of the recent COVID-19, I cannot travel overseas. I basically stay at home and also go to various places in Korea to find inspiration. Traveling is a method. Of course, the most important thing is to try to get rid of the familiar environment, go to another unfamiliar space and enjoy the new excitement it brings to us. I like to observe these spaces and think about these from different angles. The composition and movement of the space.

Yinji: How long does the design cycle of a commercial design project take? Is there a time when inspiration disappears? How to solve the dilemma of the brief disappearance of inspiration?
Seo Donghan:Generally, the design cycle of this kind of project design is not short, it is almost 3-6 months. Our studio will accept several projects at once, and several projects will be in parallel. In addition, as long as you are a designer, your inspiration will disappear. But for me, design has become a life style, and it is not the same as work. I have personally integrated life and work together. Whether in the bath or eating, I All things in my head are projects.

I usually see a new project or go to a new place, and I start to think about how I would design it if it were. How to find inspiration is just like what I just said, I will travel, if I can’t travel, I will go to watch movies, because movies will have many beautiful scenes, buildings and scenery. In addition, I will also go to the internet celebrity store to check in to see their designs and find new inspirations.

Yinji:May I ask the teacher what difficulties he encountered in the process of transitioning from product design to space design, and how did he solve it? What are the advantages at the same time?
Seo Donghan:First of all, I am very happy to hear this question. I think the biggest difference between product design and space design is the size of the objects they face. The objects of product design generally focus on relatively small items, like mobile phones, which pay more attention to details, and objects like space are larger and need to be Look at a whole.

For me, the advantage of transforming from product design to space design is that product design requires us to pay attention to details, so many details will also be reflected in my space design. If it is difficult, I personally think it is a matter of time. Like product design, its design cycle is relatively long, while space design will be relatively short and there is a deadline.

So in the beginning, time was more difficult for me to control, but now that the number of projects has gradually increased, I have almost adapted to it.

Yinji:I noticed that in many of the teacher's projects, skirting lines are not used. Is it because of the use of special wall paint?
Seo Donghan:I prefer the visual simplicity. I always feel that the skirting is a bit of an impact on the aesthetics, but the skirting is a functional thing and cannot be omitted. I always think about how to hide such things. Therefore, I will use white paint or paint similar to the background to hide it, and I will also think about better ways to solve this problem.