YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Vol.22丨Spain x Balzar Arquitectos

Spain 2022-06-20

Balzar Architects is an architecture and interior design firm based in valencia, Spain, founded in 2018 by founder Jose Maria. Balzar Architects is a family firm that unites two generations, including Txema Garcia, his son who wanted to be an architect at the age of six, and Laura Moreno, Txema Garcia's partner. They jointly run the studio, which aims to create humanized residential buildings for human beings.

Yinjispace:Your works have many linear modelings, arc ceilings and facades. How do you control the percentage between the straight line and arc?

Balzar Arquitectos:The answer is really simple. As we mentioned before, all these final controls of volume are formerly done by the models. We do a lot of designs and hand draws to check the relationship among different geometric shapes. We think that if one model is useful, and the space built by it will be useful. So I encourage people to use these models widely, they are analytical tools. I believe all these owe to the models, etc.

Yinjispace:Your design is simple, light-hearted and beautiful, which inspires our reflections. How do you balance different personal preferences of clients when you work on the projects? Like the demand of form and feeling?

Balzar Arquitectos:It is difficult at first, we do not have so many references. But now when customers come, they know more or less in what way we operate and how our projects look like. As you asked, every customer has his/her requirements and own life styles. Usually we try to reflect correctly their needs, and we always can find some balance points for both sides in some way. This makes us both satisfied with the result. 

Yinjispace:White colour is been used extensively in your design. Is this a preference of your own? How to choose colour for a space?

Balzar Arquitectos:This is the truth. When we start, our architecture is really basic in style, even from the perspective of the colour. But like Laura just said, sometimes the customers give you challenges faraway from your normal work preference. For example, the house of olive tree, you can see it is actually red inside and out instead of white. For sure,  we began to consider the colors in architecture at that time. Recently we have a project with red interior, and what I mean is we are not restricted by any color in the end. Though in the beginning of our studio we use white very often, but we do not want any limitations in thoughts. Also white is a very special colour in Mediterranean architecture, because white color can better reflect the sunlight. 

Yinjispace:What is the most important part for you in the whole project? Any problems hard to solve in the process of construction? How do you solve them?

Balzar Arquitectos:This method is already changed by me. What I want to say is in projects our public class have displayed, we state clearly of a theory: every project is different in the end, and it comes from different places. As an architect, to know when or in what situation you can intervene in is important. Sometimes the place matters, sometimes the plans and other times the things customers told you. We need to know all the factors, and finally put them all in one formula to produce some architectural solutions. At the same time, it is the most simple and complicated in visual aspects, for the solutions can react to all these conditions. For us it’s a correct way to get close to the project definition. We try our best to do the project, so we won’t find anything random in our work to change the definition. I would say that the definition will not change. If there is any detail in the work, it is the smallest change, a constructive matter. It will not alter the definition. Once you need to replace it , the definition turns into a totally terrible plan. 

Yinjispace:How do you perform the design strategies? Weighing constantly among sketches, physical model, software simulation? Or is there a special sequence of them?

Balzar Arquitectos:To be honest, this is an organic whole. Sometimes models come first and then the hand draws to change things. Other times hand draws at first, the images always are the last. We use images when the whole conception is very clear. So what tools we use? We use hand draws a lot like you just saw. We also use many models, which you can also see. There are numerous visualization tools we apply like three- dimensional model, and means control the design. We use different tools in various occasions, at last we adjust the design by them.

Yinjispace:The constitution of your team? How to do the divine of labour to complete the operation of the project?

Balzar Arquitectos:Well, to be frankly, our team is more like a family than a big architectural studio. Everyone participates in the design process. I can say we are quite lucky. Like I said before, the team work will become much easier when you have Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or the best architects in the city in your team. We fortunately got the luck. We are part of the design process and the whole team. Because we believe that to develop a good project, everyone need to have a whole idea about the it. Each of us will be in the procedure. We all get along very well, and out of this we have an excellent team work.