YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Vol.28丨Japan x Tomoaki Uno

Japan 2023-01-09

Tomoaki Uno Architect, based in Nagoya Japan, is an architectural firm established by architect Tomoaki Uno in 1990. Their projects are about architecture, space and product design. They cooperate closely with excellent local craftsmen and focus on the organic construction leading by handmade craft.

In this open class, the founder Tomoaki Uno shares his design experience under the theme of Design Virtue. He begins this class by introducing his professional background and why he chooses this field. As an architect grown up in an environment of Craftsmen, he feels upset about the design that is mere paper work and must show the company’s ideas. So he established a studio 30 years ago and create his own works. He thinks that trust and team work are really important in design. And good design is the result of accidents and unexpected factors. In the end, he mentions that practice in real life and long-term hard work are necessary for the growth of architects.

Yinjispace:How to understand emotion is beyond function and aesthetics? How does emotion lead the design and be presented?

Tomoaki Uno:This is not something we aim at, for example, leading people to feel and expressing intentions. I have no desire to express, but treat function as the most basic element. The client’s function need would be satisfied in a possibly simpler way, which do not interrupt the architecture. Besides these, we may consider the aesthetics that you mention. This is based on one’s esthetic awareness, instead of expecting people’s ideas and actions towards your work.What would effect the architecture are your desire of expression and own needs. Therefore, we must face and control these when we would like to express from time to time.

Yinjispace:What emotions does the exposed concrete deliver in the space?

Tomoaki Uno:Antonin Raymond is the architect that I very much admired in my 20s. I learned a lot from him. He is skilled in decorating with a simple treatment to the materials and a refined carving of space. I, on the contrary, don’t have the decoration talent but am good at using materials in a simple and flexible way. I try to do less to create a touching architecture. Antonin Raymond’ concrete work looks beautiful in the distance. But I prefer the natural look comparing to the refined and smooth thing. Natural beauty, rather than artificial exquisite, would be my choice.

Yinjispace:How to explain the emotions that you feel to the clients to make to design more complete?

Tomoaki Uno:I don’t have shared too many ideas with mt clients. And as for the emotional function, it is not planned but unconsciously weaved. The most important thing is establishing the scale and function according to the budget plan. 

Yinjispace:How should we design in the post-epidemic era? What influences does this era have towards your design?

Tomoaki Uno:The covid situation doesn’t influence me a lot, and the work afterwards won’t be affected neither. This kind of period would exist in people’s life and our studio accept it.