YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Vol.86丨Seden x Emma Hos

Sweden 2022-06-21

Emma hos is a Swedish interior design company founded in 2012 by designer Emma Fisher. Inheriting the design of each project is a unique concept, they never do repetitive work, each design will adopt appropriate design methods according to the lifestyle and specific personality of the object. Emma Fisher has been trained in London and has a university degree in interior and architectural design. Although she has worked in the role of softcover designer and visual marketer for many years, she still likes the freedom of design and creation. Emma Fisher is good at using beautiful decorative details to make the home look very comfortable and attractive, with a lot of personality. Her works often use soft pastel colors, while green plants add to the vibrancy of the entire space.

Yinjispace:How does your architectural background help you in your current work? From big frames to small shapes, what made you choose to become a home stylist?

Emma Hos:I studied interior and architectural design in London but realized quite quickly that spending a lot of time in front of a computer wasn’t for me. I’m better working ”hands on” where I can create a space by testing things and moving things around in real life. 

Yinjispace:Home stylist is a very good profession, what does your daily work include?

Emma Hos:My days are quite different depending on what’s on the agenda for the moment. It includes everything from planning projects, bying things needed, quite a bit of flower-and plant work as well as furnishing places hands on. When working with a campaign for a brand it’s a bit different. Although it includes a lot of planning, it’s a lot more team work together with the creative director, photographer etc.

Yinjispace:How would you describe your design style?

Emma Hos:It’s difficult to describe my style but ”warm” is a good word for it. It’s probably quite scandinavian with a boho-twist. I want the places I work with to feel welcoming and soft. I like working with a colour-palette tone-on-tone. Not to sharp contrasts if you understand what I mean. I like to mix different textures to get an effect as well as adding a lot of greenery. 

Yinjispace:What inspirations did your cooperation with different brands give you in your work?

Emma Hos:It’s very educational working with different brands and different photographers. I always learn a lot. Especially from working in a bigger team. It’s also great the way I get to know coming trends by working on them before they get known to a bigger audience. 

Yinjispace:How to keep creative inspiration?

Emma Hos:Good question. I guess I find a lot of inspiration from social media, collegues in my business as well as travels, beautiful colour combinations and as you mentioned working with bigger brands and the creative people I get to work with through that. 

Yinjispace:Have you ever paid attention to the designers of the East? What do you think of oriental design?

Emma Hos:I think we take a lot of inspiration from the East in Scandinavia. Both when it comes to colors and patterns as well as furniture and lighting. I think you can find influences in many of our daily objects.