YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Yinmonth.040 | UK x Abid Javed

UK 2024-01-17

Art comes from nature - through art to express the beauty of nature, art is its medium of communication.

British sculptor Abid Javed creates collectable "molecular objects" with a PhD in molecular biology. His work brings the unseen world to the forefront and aims to make spiritual connections. The main body of the work is somewhere between functional and sculptural, focusing on the appearance and natural state of the pottery. His art was inspired by Henry. Moore's art of biomorphism, to study the natural pluralistic expression of human emotions in biology, Jean Alp's innovative artistic expression means to simplify complex lines and focus on the beauty of lines, and Gaudi led the artistic style of the 20th century, to take inspiration from nature, but also to the natural environment.

Q1. How does the artwork fit into the interior space? How does the author think about the importance of artworks in a space?

Abid Javed:I think every interior space has its own independent personality, for example, when we go to a hotel or a restaurant or something like that, actually these places have their own way to be designed. And my practice is how to put my own works with a sense of sculpture into the space of personality of different Spaces and echo them. Every space is actually complex, such as the interior wallpaper, lighting and other objects, in fact, reflect its occupants' own experience. And the value of my works, to a certain extent, also shows these, to replace the space to speak, to enrich people's space experience.

Q2. What do you do when you run out of inspiration?

Abid Javed:This is a very good question, any creator can not sustain their full energy to create, to maintain a sufficient inspiration is very difficult thing. I get inspired in many ways, like going out to see different artists, watching movies, watching art shows, reading books, listening to music, anything that inspires me to create. Also, I keep a distance from social media. I have to make sure that I have the space to create my own creative inspiration and immerse myself in it. I will also choose to go hiking, nature is also a chance to clear my mind, in fact, the most important thing is to maintain their own feeling.

Q3. With a strong sense of sculptural art, do you have any good suggestions on how to use them in home furnishings?

Abid Javed:My work really depends on the client. The sculptures you see, for example, are usually found in the corner of a bedroom or in the center of a hotel lobby, and they have a very strong property of transforming space. In fact, I suggest that the customer first determine the place of its display, and then determine a display way to customize.