YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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932 Designs

A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist." --Louis Nizer

A home should be, first and foremost, a sanctuary. A place where tranquillity rules; A place where distraction disappear; A place where the mind and body rejuvenate. 932’s philosophy explains it all.

932 Designs is a creative studio formally founded in year 2011. They believe there is luxury in simplicity. In our opinion, a quality space shouldn’t be disguised by excessive opulence decoration. It should be kept as simple as possible to articulate the quality of a space and thus to withstand the test of time.

932 Designs is a manifestation of Nizer's inspired musings - a collective driven by an admiration for delicately complex craftsmanship, behind what usually looks deceptively simple. They believe in working heartily; being concerned with having an intimate acquaintance with building materials, in working them into our architecture. In fact, oftentimes, architecture happens even as one of us becomes thoughtful on the simple matter of the way bricks will be aligned.

Being inexplicably drawn to design that stays gracefully relevant despite durée, 932 Designs is convinced that there is luxury in simplicity. Space is no Place if it does not kindle sentiments from its dwellers - the experience of ocular frames and angles, with spatial moods constructed from aural and tactile triggers is wont to be considered in their work methodology.

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    Design Works

    • Balmoral House

      The sheer curtains that wrap around the living area, emit a soft natural glow in the space allowing one to dwell in such tranquility.
    • OSN Store

      The interior design draws on the tangible and other intangible things, evoking the second nature of people.
    • Highline House

      An exquisite blend of art and refined interior inspired by its locality and heritage of Tiong Bahru Estate.
    • Bijou Residence

      Bijou Residence's design is inspired by simple curves & textures from nature. A show-unit designed as a home-office to work and rejuvenate at the same time.
    • Wallich Residence I

      Wallich Residence is a project that pushes the limits of minimalism, a case study of simplicity in living with a multifaceted interior design.
    • Novi Health

      A design exploration for Novi Health by 0932 Design, a specialist medical clinic that provide technology-enhanced clinical solutions for personalized healthcare.
    • Wallich Residences

      Located on Wallich Street, Wallich Apartments is named after renowned Danish surgeon and botanist Dr Nathaniel Wallich, whose legacy has contributed to Singapore's reputation as a garden city.
    • Principal Garden

      Nestled in a quiet enclave along the recreational waterway of Alexandra Canal, on the fringe of the embassy district, Principal Garden reflects a new daring in residential design thinking that purposefully seeks to maximise unbuilt space amid the density of urban Singapore.
    • L Residence

      The interiors will be timeless, simple yet luxurious. A focus on materials, proportions and detailing gives way to expansive views, allowing the glorious surrounding to take centre stage.
    • R35 住宅

      "932 Designs" has become synonymous with simple design. They integrate natural materials into the interior design of the building and create a "simple luxury" home atmosphere through delicate and elegant decoration. 
    • The Middle Room

      The Middle Room, What looks like a room within a shophouse holds a self-contained bachelor pad.
    • Dusun Residence

      This public housing project exemplifies an ooze of trendy masculine style with neutral colors bathed with the contrast of dark textures to create a sophisticated feel.
    • Nassim Mansion

      Located in the heart of cosmopolitan District 10, in Singapore, is Nassim Mansion—an extravagant dwelling, bathed in muted tones and a predilection for unique texture work.
    • Corals Residence

      This project by Singapore-based 932 Designs is a subtler alternative that offers timeless appeal.