YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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  • William Guillon

    William Guillon aesthetic is rooted in an innovative exploration of traditional craftsmanship aiming to push the limits of matter while maintaining a sense of strange elegance.
  • Fema Art Paint Exhibition Hall

    The fresh green constructs the beauty of the original ecology in a corner, so that the vitality and vitality of nature infect the space and people's emotions.
  • House in the City Centre

    Located in a stately building, the house is articulated by the kitchen piece that serves as a reception for the visitor with a sculptural volume that organizes the space.
  • Glory of Thrones

    Modern medieval tonality has harmonious colors, textured furniture and a large number of works of art, which makes the whole space present a modern and profound aesthetic feeling.
  • Highsnobiety

    The contrast between old and new luxury is reflected in the space by exploring design themes of the opposites, such as roughness vs sleekness and heritage vs modernity.
  • DOK Space Aesthetics Center

    As a carrier, the physical environment, through the construction of space, the rendering of atmosphere, the remodeling of scenes and other forms, can naturally establish a certain inner spiritual connection with metaphysical consciousness.

    The project aims to experiment with the limits of the workspace and seek a new concept that goes hand in hand with the idea of Domus and Museum.

YIN Magazine


Text jumps out of the page, constructing a diverse three-dimensional space from a two-dimensional text system. Words, paragraphs, chapters, and even punctuation are infused with dynamic life. A sense of self-awareness in reading rituals, with the passage of time, the paper gradually oxidizes - turns yellow or curls, and ultimately becomes loved by bookworms to the point where ink prints fade away. Various natural traces together witness the existence of the past.



    “Design is all about exploring, and unless we look to the future nothing will be solved. ”——Gwenael Nicolas

    Gwenael Nicolas, born in 1966 in France, encountered several Japanese designers and architects during his studies at the Royal College of Art in London. He became fascinated by the Eastern art presented in their design works.  In 1991, he moved to Japan, and in 1998, he founded CURIOSITY INC. Influenced by the philosophy of Japanese design, Gwenael Nicolas began contemplating the feelings at the moment when people first enter a space or use a product, along with the emotions and experiences he wanted to express.

  • CO-LAB Design Office

    CO-LAB Design Office

    Joshua Beck and Joana Gomes founded co-lab in 2010 in Los Angeles. In 2013, the studio moved to Tulum. For them, design is a cumulative process, not a product of "genius sketches".

    Joshua Beck has 26 years of experience in the field of architecture and building combined. He was also a trained wooden boat builder and a skilled craftsman. Joana Gomes graduated in architecture from the University of Porto (FAUP) in 2005 and joined Rotterdam-based architecture firm MVRDV as a designer in 2006. They are inspired by the natural beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula and the studio aspires to connect indivuals with Nature through their design projects, blending the built environment with the surrounding landscape.The studio is committed to sustainable design principles and works with locally sourced natural materials, resulting in spaces that are harmonious with their environment.

  • Ye Hui

    Ye Hui

    Ye Hui, a contemplator of humanistic space, is also a contemporary design innovator. He advocates the concept of "natural aesthetics" and is good at carrying oriental humanistic and emotional spaces in contemporary design. Ye Hui possesses unique insights and perspectives on architecture, materials, light and shadow, and structure.

    Ye Hui founded the firm JG PHOENIX, in the design path, they insisted on exploring the space experience that makes people feel the rational thinking of the West, but also the sensibility of the East, the "intangible" and natural.

  • Maximilian Jencquel

    Maximilian Jencquel

    Born in Venezuela in 1978, Maximilian Jencquel founded Studio Jencquel in Indonesia in 2010 to pursue his passion for vernacular architecture and tropical landscapes inspired by his childhood in Venezuela.

    In order to maintain a sense of harmony between the physical and social elements of the world around them, Studio Jencquel makes a deep personal journey through each part of the creative process by drawing on the principles of slow design.

  • Master-Classes 空间之间 | 比利时 x Olivier Dwek 比利时艺术大师Olivier Dwek受印际之邀,以“空间之间”为主题,将于2024年6月29日(周六),下午21点~24点为我们线上授课三小时。
  • Yinterview Vol.117 | 加拿大 x Omar Gandhi Omar Gandhi (OG)建筑设计事务所成立于 2010 年,以深思熟虑的方式进行建筑设计,承接了从城市填充到沿海别墅等各种项目。
  • Yinmonth Vol.042 | 比利时 x Objects With Narratives 开启设计理念跨文化交流的新篇章,我们邀请了Objects with Narratives(OWN)的主理人 Robbe 在中国首次开展课程,在Yinmonth大师课分享他的见解和专业知识。