YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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  • Julian Watts

    Julian Watts combines traditional wood carving techniques with an experimental sculptural approach to explore the formal and conceptual intersections between the human body, the landscape, and the functional objects that we interact with everyday.
  • Parc Turo

    The integrity of the light-colored wooden floor and lime finish walls create a timeless atmosphere especially with the shapes of the walls.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach

    The minimalist design style and the use of neutral colors are characteristic of the studio's design, which promotes the functional needs of the occupants while creating a comfortable atmosphere for the space.
  • La Galea

    The La Galea residence was designed and completed by local architectural studio, OOAA, is a continuation of the studio's past design philosophy and style, featuring a minimalist and neutral palette.
  • Alfonso Xii

    Sophistication for being in the city and warmth for being a home, are the objectives that we do not lose sight of when choosing materials and furniture.
  • Vintage Garden

    Under the idea of“Hit it off”, the manager of jewelry design studio and the designer jointly construct the spiritual creation by the artistic progression.
  • Nisarga Art Hub

    Nisarga Art Hub is an initiative by a family of musicians to make a community residency where people can interact and congregate for art and cultural events.
  • Master-Classes Master Class in the Making | Tony Chi tonychi studio Established 1984 by Tony Chi in New York City. He has been designing hospitality projects for the last 39 years. Naturally, over the years, he has developed a deep understanding of qualities that bind great hotels.
  • Yinterview Vol.116 | 巴西 x Denis Joelsons 丹尼斯-乔尔松(Denis Joelsons)于 2017 年获得圣保罗联邦大学建筑与城市规划历史和基础硕士学位。
  • Yinmonth Vol.038 | 俄罗斯 x Babayants Architects 印际特邀Babayants Architects事务所创始人Artem Babayants和Lia Babayants,于11月24日(周五)晚上20:00开设线上公开课《设计方法》。

Tony Chi

季裕棠设计事务所由季裕棠(Tony Chi)创立于1984年的美国,事务所汇聚了多位顶尖的设计师、来自世界各国的多领域人才,提供室内设计项目、建筑、景观设计和城市规划等服务。

Founded by Tony Chi in the United States in 1984, Tony Chi design firm brings together top designers from across the world in diverse fields of talent including interior design projects, architecture, landscape design and urban planning. service.   

季裕棠在台湾出生,他自幼从中国移民来到纽约,几岁移民美国,他自已亦无从记起。他自小热衷设计师的艺术,沉醉于其选择加以理解的每一项设计项目。他被人形容为一名现代主义者,生性活跃,拥有设计天资,青年时就醉心于设计,并入读纽约市艺术及设计高等中学(the High School of Art and Design in New York)。高中毕业后,他考入纽约大学,继续修读设计课程,其后入读时装技术学院(the Fashion Institute of Technology),主修室内设计。

Tony Chi was born in Taiwan. When he came to New York from China as an immigrant from his childhood, he immigrated to the United States at an early ag...