YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Alvin Grassi

My design does not seek followers, it seeks lovers.

Alvin Grassi is a famous contemporary Italian luxury designer, his unique design charm is recognized worldwide. Born in Cesena, Italy, Alvin Grassi graduated with a major in Architecture from the University of Florence. He travels in a parallel world of fashion, public relations, art and design, while Italian artist Marie Claire Maison calls him a "shining fantasy."

Alving Grassi is also the artistic director of some of the leading brands in the field of luxury design in Italy.He served as art director of Italy's Roberto Cavalli and Visionnaire luxury furniture brands in recent years is the mansion and hotel design shine, completed in Europe Home luxury five-star hotel and star politicians luxury design work.

As a real Italian and especially his origins are from "Romagna" region. After a collaboration with Alberta Ferretti and other fashion designers, he has left the "prêt-a- porter" world to find a new life as designer of "hotellerie". He has conceived and accomplished in just seven years five design hotels, all creatures of an "illuminated visionary", that are presenting themselves with a foolishly contemporary esprit but still managing to maintain extraordinary solutions dedicated to all the metropolitan visitors.

Today Alvin Grassi Studios represent the most modern hospitality and charm, luxury and intimacy. The studio can meet any requirements, organize or reorganize the corporate brand image, design new and extraordinary life ideas inspired by the brand idea, or customer lifestyle, so as to surprise the people who live in these exclusive spaces everyday.

Their ideal home often plays with measures and proportions. A good design is not only a question of colours, floors or accessories. If the space is not well designed, no furnishing – doesn’t matter how expensive it could be – will be able to improve it. This is the main difference between interior design and simple decoration. Their understanding of the luxury and elegance stays in the constant balance between contemporary taste and respect for the past. An ancient farm, an old manor house or a noble palace can turn into a cozy space, a luxury hotel or a small ‘maison d’hôtes’. 

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    Design Works

    • Coast Hotel & Spa

      Alvin Grassi, a famous contemporary Italian designer of luxury homes, shuttles between the parallel worlds of fashion, public relations, art and design.
    • NoMad Collection

      Italian luxury furniture brand Colombo Mobili and Alvin Grassi have created the "NoMad collection" in Paris. Deep urban roots make it a luxury residence with a nomadic spirit, fully blending the past with the present to create a timeless space with unforgettable memories.