YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Brewin Design Office

Brewin Design is a design company based in Singapore and Jakarta. Founded in 2012 by Robert Cheng, Brewin Design is dedicated to creating unique architecture, furniture and interior design.

Robert Cheng was born in Pittsburgh, USA in 1977. After spending his first decade in Singapore, where his family lived, he went to study in the UK, then Robert studied at the Rhode Islan School of Architecture in the United States and received a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1999. In 2007, he obtained a master's degree in urban design from Harvard Graduate School of Design.

After graduation, Robert worked as an architect at Tsao & Mckown Architects in New York City, where he was architect Calvin Tsao. Later moved to Paris to join Jean Nouvel and work on projects in Southeast Asia. In the 30 years since he left Singapore, Robert has been baptized by different cultures and values in cities between Asia, the Americas and Europe, inevitably affecting his design principles and design philosophy as artists and designers. At the same time, he also brought a wealth of experience to Robert, laying the foundation for the company's culture.

In 18 years of experience, Robert has developed details that are passionate about making interior design and building customization. Robert believes that the structural and material characteristics of the design are directly reflected in the final result. Rober developed an architectural design principle that is closely related to “things of things”, ensuring the expression of the conceptual design language in his work. Robert has an in-depth understanding of the history of interior design and has conducted in-depth explorations of the changing times of Western and Eastern cultures, which often affect the essence of his project.

Brewin Design's design and craftsmanship are handmade and customized. Consisting of skilled manufacturing processes, the exploration of materials used and detailed details, interdisciplinary design is driven by collaboration with artisans and builders around the world.

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    Design Works

    • The Hudson Rooms Capella Hanoi

      Sitting at the rooftop of the newly built Capella Hanoi, the entire floor plate of The Hudson Rooms occupies 1,200 sqm and seats 120 people.
    • 61 Robinson

      Brewin Design Office was engaged for an extensive refurbishment of 61 Robinson, a 20-year old building formerly known as Robinson Centre in Singapore’s Central Business District.
    • The Green Apartment

      Brewin Design Office brings a touch of New York nostalgia to Singapore’s Nassim neighbourhood for a minimalist apartment interior design renovation.
    • EDEN Residence

      This garden home in Singapore is designed as a plant paradise,designed by Brewin Design. This show flat inside Thomas Heatherwick’s residential Eden condominium has plenty of green energy.
    • Japanese Spanish Ando Restaurant

      In new Japanese-Spanish restaurant Ando, Brewin Design Office abstracts Hong Kong city’s man-made textures and forms into a bold, brutalist interior.
    • Keraton Residence

      The Keraton Private Residence, is an exclusive super luxury residence located in the heart of Central Jakarta. Thought to be the most expensive address in this city, it is home to prominent Jakartans that include professionals, businessmen and investors.
    • The Morgan Penthouse

      This extraordinary penthouse takes up the entire top floor of the Robert Stern-designed Morgan Residence in Hong Kong’s Conduit Road.
    • Blossom Restaurant

      Blossom, an international Asian cuisine restaurant, is one of the many restaurants that sets foot in Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore.
    • Conrad Centennial

      Inspired by the original post-modern design aesthetic of the Conrad Centennial Singapore, Brewin Design Office breathes new life into the hotel’s public spaces.