YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Headquarted in Guangzhou, China, DOMANI has committed to provide design excellence for each and every forward-looking project in architecture, interior and products since its inception in 2005. We devise integrated, sustainable design solutions which exceed client’s expectations. With high premium commercial space solutions, our energy and competency have attained remarkable market feedbacks. Awared by prestigious international prizes, we have consistently ranked amongst the top architecture and integrated design studios in Asia.

DOMANI adheres to strict code of professional conduct . We are a team of diverse talents, working alongside with a great number of other specialist consultants. Through comprehensive project management, we strive for the best in various architecure projects. All of our responsible design solutions reflect an international perspective.

Ann Yu--DOMANI Architectural concepts’ co-founder and design director, A&V’s founder and design director. Devoted to somatosensory architechture research of interior space and modern experimental design, she represents the next generation of talented interior designer in China.  Her approach lies in the artful orchestration of academic expertise and commercial success, empowering commercial space projects with high premium images. Since 2008, together with  her energetic team, YU Lin has been awared with hundreds of international architecture prizes.

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    Design Works

    • Chaotic Violence

      Meilan Music Studio and Small Symphony Recording Studio, located in Guangzhou Grand Theatre. Due to the professional comprehensive requirements of sound effect of the site, the walls and floors are made of special materials to strengthen sound insulation, control acoustic elasticity, moisture-proof and anti-static. The scattered and irregular surface of the space is organized by design techniques and the collocation of material density to avoid the interference of standing waves in the space to the recording. Under the premise of maximum purification of sound effects, the design aims to break the monotonous image of the traditional recording studio, and at the same time to show a more intuitive spirit of the place.
    • White ZS Lab

      White in the East has always been a concept. From the techniques of line drawing in Chinese painting to the intention of leaving blank with ink splashing, until the status change to conceptual "emptiness" from “white” by means of religion, can be a milestone upgrading of collective thinking. Modern western architecture also uses "white", but the western white is a logical strategy to lighten or give up, which is simple and "straightforward" with less concept. "White", was born in the East.
    • Newton and Moon

      We seem to be at the bottom of a pond, moving from one moon to another.
    • Bright Night and Gentle Dismemberment

      Meunier Technology Beauty's first concept flagship store is located in Baoan District, Shenzhen, China. The project invited China's top-tier design company DOMANI to lead its space design. The design strategy is in line with Shenzhen’s ‘Culture+N’ new industry policy, and it also tries to plant a certain design academic discussion in the commercial space: its creative connection as well as experience between the two dimensions of ‘feminism’ and ‘space’.
    • Local from Yesterday – Dreamland

      There is no temple like Delfa in this city, however, it is still a metaphor about ‘I’
    • UR London Flagship store

      In 2017, Zara closed its biggest flagship store in China, H&M had continuous declination profit, Topshop announced that it would temporarily leave the domestic market, in the past two years, international fast fashion retailers are growing at a slower pace, meanwhile, UR China, the leading fast fashion brand are expanding worldwide, it is the first Chinese fashion brand in Westfield Mall, west London. This store is not only the first flagship store in Europe, but the largest UR flagship store in a globe scale, what else it is with no doubt thelargest commercial milestone for Chinese brands in overseas single stores.