YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Framework Studio

Framework Studio is a full-service interior design and concept design studio based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, dedicated to creating the city's iconic interiors for restaurants, retail spaces, offices and private homes.

The studio was founded by Thomas Geerlings in 2007. Since then, the design and management team has grown steadily and become more professional. It is now co-managed by Thomas Geerlings, Maarten ter Stege and Sascha Faase.

Framework Studio continuously develops and refines eye-catching design logos based on the use of unique materials and handmade techniques. Their goal is to provide primary interior design by combining the technical knowledge of design with the interpretation of customer needs.

In Framework Studio, there are no specific styles. Style is driven by the spirit of the times, various forms of inspiration, potential projects and their possibilities, and customer needs. Change, innovation and prediction are rooted in the Framework. People can recognize their way of working and avant-garde work.

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    Design Works

    • Can Brut

      Most who descend on the island of Ibiza are looking for an escape from reality and for the family of Can Brut, the villa is their secluded sanctuary by the sea.
    • House TT

      House T is located in Amsterdam, designed by Framework Studio for a bike-loving owner. For the owner of the project, simplicity is the core of the interior life. 
    • Residential N561

      The core place of the space is a hollow out wall chiseled between stair well and living room, more eye-catching is: the collection is displayed in the way embedded in the wall, the decoration of background lamplight, let here become impromptu stage. 
    • Residential N°606

      Residential N606 by Framework Studio is located in Amsterdam,In Framework Studio, there is no specific style. The style is driven by zeitgeist, inspiration in various forms, potential projects and their possibilities and the needs of clients.
    • The Collector

      For one of Framework Studio’s latest projects, The Collector.
    • Schouwenhoek Penthouse

      The apartment was designed and completed between 2017 and 2018 by Amsterdam’s Framework Studio. I
    • Residential N°631

      Residential N°631 is a small house located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
    • Residential N°610

      Residential N° 610 is a minimal house located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, designed by Framework Studio.
    • Residential N°497

      Framework Studio completed Residential N°497, a 1200 square meter townhouse located in the historical center of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
    • Family Office

      Located in the centre of the city, on the second floor of an office building that dates back to 1910, the workspace belongs to a family business.
    • Studio Apartment B

      Studio Apartment B, located in the city center of Amsterdam, is the new family-house of Framework.
    • Residential DB11

      The color-palette chosen gives the family house a cool young breeze that blends with the surrounding greens of the house.
    • Canal House

      The exterior is left mostly untouched.he wanted the outer shell to be true to the original building, adding the bare minimum of technical detailing in doors and doorways to make it a comfortable environment.   
    • Private Openness

      Framework’s trademark is the passion for creating comfortable homes that enhance the client’s lifestyle.