YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Francesc Rifé

Interior and industrial designer, Francesc Rifé (Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, 1969) founded his own studio in Barcelona in 1994. Influenced by minimalism and following a familiar tradition linked to craftsmanship, his work focuses on ways of approaching material honesty, spatial order, and geometric proportion.

Currently, he leads a team of professionals from several design fields. His projects, domestic and international, range from interior to industrial design, architecture, the creation of concepts, installations, graphics, and art direction. 

Throughout his career, Rifé has been awarded prizes from the field of design such as Contract World, Red Dot, ICFF Editors, HiP in Chicago, FAD, and several ASCER awards.

His work has been widely released in the general press as well as specialized publications and books worldwide. Also, there have been several published books that collect his most outstanding works. Currently, he works as well as leads workshops and conferences.

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    Design Works

    • Bulthaup Sant Cugat

      Spanish design studio Francesc Rife designed a local showroom to open a new chapter in the history of the German kitchen brand. Softness, detail and warmth mark the new image of Bulthaup Sant Cugat.
    • VD Apartment

      The apartment in central Madrid, Spain, is surrounded by huge Windows, allowing Studio Francesc Rife to strike a balance between bright light and the warmth of black-toned stained oak. In design, the use of dark colors is best explained by light. "This project reflects our attraction to light and dark." - Francesc Rife
    • Angela Apartment

      Located west of Ibiza, the essence of the island has inspired the design of this small duplex leading to a serene and orderly identity. The owners sought to reduce the composition to the essential without renouncing the spirit of a Mediterranean lifestyle. Therefore, the narrative focuses on pure whites and controlling the excess of light on an open-to-nature terrace.
    • Torres Sarria

      The transformation of the public area of Torres Sarria Building in Barcelona, formerly known as the Sarria Forum, provided an opportunity to update its concept. The idea of creating a large suspended oak lattice light in the lobby was based on a practical decision, on one hand to soften the entry of natural light, and on the other to better illuminate the public areas of both buildings. As the light shines on the quiet grey stones, the two buildings seem to breathe.
    • T House

      T House designed by Francesc Rifé was finally completed in the middle of autumn. The unique colors of autumn and the romance of Canadian cedar kept it in its best condition. Each space is wrapped in a grid system inside and outside, establishing a unique relationship with each other. Neutral color palettes are used in the residences and pavilions to complement the adjacent gardens and surrounding landscape.
    • Casa Grande Hotel

      Francesc Rife recently completed a Hotel project in Spain called Casa Grande Hotel. Located in Granon, a small town in the Autonomous region of La Rioja, Casa Grande Hotel offers a quiet place for people who have fled the big cities to find refuge.
    • ASH Mallorca

      ASH Mallorca's flagship store was designed by Spanish interior design studio Francesc Rife. Francesc Rife tried to develop the design concepts created for ASH footwear through the necessary simplifying language.
    • ADH House

      To contrast the intense colors and vibrant interiors typical of Mexico City, architect Francesc Rifé makes use of clean geometries and a serene palette in the design of the ‘ADH House‘ — a direction which rises from the intention to balance the vitality of the owners’ art collection. Situated in the residential neighborhood of lomas de chapultepec, the design of the architecture by the studio has also dictated the spirit of the interior, with a clean, minimal language and organized with a deep sense of order toward both the interior and the exterior.
    • Swiss Concept

      Mainly inspired by Eastern aesthetics and meditation, Swiss Concept—designed by Barcelona-based Francesc Rifé Studio—is a facial surgery and dental clinic in Valencia that was conceived following notions of lightness and calm. A deep approach which has been achieved through very simple means through the use of light wood to give the space a sense of calm, as well as translucent glass to capture the emotion of light.
    • R Apartment

      Located on the ground floor of a significant building —La Finca Roja— in the city of Valencia (Spain) and taking some of the building’s most notable features, such as the red brick and the various mosaic tiles that shape the floor, the first part of Francesc Rifé‘s work was to preserve the raw essence of the space.
    • Camper Fidenza

      Francesc Rife tries to capture the essence of Camper tradition and pioneer and expand it locally to the world. Based on the new look of the Fidenza shopping store, the designer gives Camper through four natural materials: glazed tiles, wire rope, steel and oak. New connotation.
    • Ash London

      Francesc Rifé gives fashion and footwear brand ASH a new design concept. The store on High Street, Marylebone, London has a golden ceiling and a tubular metal structure. It aims to enrich the simple form of space and its neutral temperament. Two major design techniques to highlight the product. First, concrete surrounds the entire interior space, providing a neutral and minimalist surface, and the product is brought into focus quickly with linear lighting integrated on the shelves. In addition, a brass frame is used on one side of the store to connect the displayed shoes with prêt-à-porter. The purpose of this is to remind people of the shape of traditional bamboo scaffolding.
    • ASH Shanghai

      The fashion and footwear brand ASH has commissioned Francesc Rifé the new design concept for its stores around the world. While the new language sought to recall forms suggested by the architecture of contemporary cities, the first two stores to debut with this image in Shanghai have served to use as inspiration one of the most surprising elements of Asian construction systems: traditional bamboo scaffolding.
    • Ricard Camarena

      Located in Valencia, Spain, Ricard Camarena is the architect Francesc® Rifé the latest collaboration with chef Ricard Camarena, a restaurant transformed from a 1930s industrial plant. The site has been refurbished and re-converted to an art center. The challenge of this project is not only because of its art deco aesthetics, but because the architecture presents some design challenges: creating space from non-spatial.
    • Rice Club

      Located on the second floor of the Brassade Mar restaurant, Rice Club's core design philosophy is to highlight the culinary values of the founders – without the traditional ideas, there is no inspiration for modernity. The transition of the restaurant in a rational and simple direction is just like the bare material itself, or as straightforward as the main ingredient of the restaurant recipe, rice.
    • DM Apartment

      Located in the upper part of Barcelona and designed by Francesc Rifé, the identity of this dwelling was conditioned from the beginning by its shape: a square floor with a facade completely open to the outside. The new design is divided into two main spaces. On the one hand, the opaque area is delivered to the rooms and the two entrances —both the main one and the one for service—. In the day zone, where the dining room, kitchen, living room and terrace are located, expressiveness comes through light.