YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Giorgio Rava Studio

Giorgio Rava Studio is an interior design Studio in Como, Italy, founded by founder Giorgio Rava in 2004. The studio specialises in different areas of design, ranging from interior architecture to furniture design, but also fashion design and creative direction. Its focus is on high-end residential and retail projects. Giorgio Rava's design practice is the pursuit of essence.

Giorgio Rava was born in 1981. He studied architecture at the University of Florence and furniture and fashion design at the Polytechnic Institute in Faenza. Passion, sensitivity, integrity and constant tension define his work perfectly. Giorgio Rava's design practice got rid of the ephemeral illusion of wasting time through repetitive shapes and thus became an essential pursuit. The depth and completeness of his vision, combined with his spatial design attitude and his unique way of interpreting details and things, together define his work.

Giorgio Rava breaks away from various illusions of form, jumps from the bondage of time, and turns to the pursuit of spiritual essence. Surrounded by the noise of contemporary times, the studio practice focusses on a continuous quest for silence. An authentic deeply-rooted vocation leads every single project, preserving the instinct of the artistic gesture and a sculptural approach to light, space and matter. From the onset the practice has been recognized for a strong and highly distinctive language in which pure volumes, abstract and sculptural presences, do not renounce to being everyday life objects, merging together with pristine spaces and silent atmospheres. an approach in which silence and simplicity leave the word to spirituality, placing human being in the very centre of the project.

In the eternal contrast between man-made and nature, land and celestial body, Giorgio Rava interprets the result of perfect harmony, and gives a space to the soul, creating a sense of visual tranquility and leading people to the spiritual path. The elements of life are carefully hidden, so that the artificial space condenses out the concise power of nature, but it also has a sense of sacredness that is detached from daily life and unnatural. Yet in such a simple and timeless language of serenity and grace, there is a sense of change in a pure oneness.

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    Design Works

    • Roma Penthouse

      The studio used marble elegance and purity to define this extraordinary Penthouse at Roma Penthouse.
    • Hills Residence

      Hills Residence is a house surrounded by nature and its interior was conceived by Giorgio Rava as a temple dedicated to spirituality and contemplation.
    • Templum

      The concept redefines the boundaries of this classic exhibition project by breaking down the barriers between art and design, creating a literal architectural installation.
    • Florence Apartment

      Vertical cracks conceal gaps between one panel and another, challenging the classic concept of cladding.
    • Tuscany Residence

      Italian design studio Giorgio Rava finds shape through space in their Tuscany Residence, where elegant and unadorned geometric shapes make the space tactile.