YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Guilherme Torres

The Brazilian Guilherme Torres is a perfectionist, with a degree of poetic license, having part of it poured onto his skin. One of his tattoos “Work it harder, better, faster, make it over,” is so to speak a form of celebration of his work. The architect, who founded his company in 2001 bearing his name, loves to work surrounded by creative and enthusiastic youngsters. 

Guilherme Torres was born in Londrina, Brazil, and concluded his studies at UNIFIL University in 1998. In 2001 he founded his first studio; His professional career started very early, when he was still a teenager, he worked as a designer in an engineering office, where he acquired the knowledge in the area and also the technical language. 

In 2010, Guilherme Torres moved with his studio to Sao Paolo. In 2017, he expanded his studio with an additional mainstay in New York. A world citizen, Guilherme divides his time between his studios in São Paulo and Londrina, with a wide range of activities, from residential and commercial projects to furniture design, one of his passions. Owner of his own and authorial style, his works were granted many awards and publications.

The award-winning architect is famous for his innovative residential and commercial architectural projects as well as his interiors and furniture designs. His architecture displays a clear line management and freely floating volumes. He develops them as an overall concept, combines tradition with modernism, tests the limits of materials, and designs new structures and surfaces – even in his furniture, always avoiding monotony and ordinariness.

Torres is a perfectionist. The crisp form, minimalist details, and rich-but-reserved material palettes that characterize his designs are consistently applied across single-family residences, interior home and office. Balancing the rigorous aesthetic of the architecture, a certain playful levity can be found in the interior design of his projects the stark forms and subtle surfaces provide an appropriately quiet backdrop for the lively furnishings within, while the thoughtfully arranged spaces benefit from an astute attention to natural light. Taken together, his portfolio of work is an exceptional achievement, especially from someone so young.

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    Design Works

    • Jatoba House

      For Brazil, a tropical rainforest region, the return of architecture on the ground conforms to the local culture and the functional needs of people's actual living.
    • Light House

      Then an ambitious renovation project began, reconfiguring all the Spaces and bringing the building into the present.
    • Orange House

      Located in a condominium in Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Orange House was developed around the passions of residents, wine and music.
    • Tree House

      The project was born the minute Guilherme Torres stepped on the site. When Guilherme Torres looked at the surrounding trees, Guilherme Torres had to bring that into the project.
    • DF House

      Acquired during the final phase of construction, this residence in Jardim Europa, São Paulo, had few and punctual changes to accommodate the residents.
    • Wing House

      Many things happened between the building of the house, which made Guilherme Torres realize that although time does not stop, architecture is eternal. The aim of the project is to allow all rooms to enjoy the same natural beauty.
    • Garden House

      The 2,700 m² plot of land in a private neighbourhood in Cotia metropolitan region of São Paulo, presents an element that is both an attraction and a challenge: a centennial fig tree engraved in the center of the site. 
    • Parallel House

      This 463-square-metre house, built in the 1980s in Sao Paulo, Brazil, sits in the heart of a traditional neighbourhood.
    • Grid House

      The project for this apartment of 100㎡ in Sao Paulo, offered the challenge to unite two apartments, a duplex and a smaller single floor unit.
    • V2 House

      The 1,100-square-metre home, in the heart of one of Sao Paulo's most exclusive neighbourhoods, was built by the owners' grandparents in the 1960s.
    • MV House

      The house retains emotional memories of the architect's past, keeping the spatial distribution rather than appearing as a renovation project.
    • PA House

      The main points of the design was to create wide open spaces, surrounded by the native lush green and at the same time create an intimate atmosphere. 
    • PV House

      Guilherme Torres has completed a modern villa PV House in the southern Brazilian city of Londrina.
    • Villa Deca

      Villa Deca is a house that revitalizes the feelings and enhances of the dolce far niente. The space created by Guilherme sought contemporary references and created 500sqm in the sense of being in a bucolic setting.
    • AN House

      Designed for a couple with three teenage daughters, AN House is situated in a condominium in Paraná, Brazil.
    • BT House

      This monumental house stands out as a huge rectangular monolith with two large brickwork blocks in contrast with the upper volume in concrete.