YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Jamie Bush

 I’m fascinated by the juxtaposition of the raw and refined. I call it an organic modernism.

Jamie has become a standout in his field due to his unique ability to bridge the gap between architecture and interior design. He is able to create a total holistic vision for each project seamlessly blurring the lines between the building and the decor.

Amie Bush comes from a creative family. Half are dairy farmers on Long Island and the other half are painters, designers and photographers living in Manhattan. His father used antique agricultural machinery to carve animals, Aunt Ruth was a watercolor painter, and his aunt Nan was a lifelong companion to fashion photographer Bruce Weber. Aunt Beth Levine is a legendary shoe designer. They are great collectors and are excellent in art and design.

The small growing environment prompted him to study art and architecture in New Orleans and Venice, Italy, with a focus on organic modernism and nature. After receiving a master's degree in architecture from Tulane University, Jamie came to the West to explore the secrets of modern residential architecture in Los Angeles. After working for Marmol Radziner and Kelly Wearstler for a while, he founded his own interior architecture and design company in 2002 and was fortunate to work in some of the most important historical residential modernist homes in the United States.

Jamie Bush is acclaimed for his relevance and keen understanding of architecture and design, so he can handle each project with a keen and insightful perspective. He is known for combining modern and modern furniture with a fresh and discerning eye. Each space is transformed into an enticing, modern and unexpected environment through the rich colors and textures of exotic and organic elements.

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    Design Works

    • Mandeville Canyon House

      Jamie Bush' s design showcasing the compelling charm of the home and conveying awe of California's ecological landscape.
    • Mary Kitchen Home

      Jamie Bush collaborated with architect William Hefner to create a stylish, gorgeous blockbuster look for Hollywood actress Mary Kitchen's Los Angeles home: retro and contemporary, yet understatement and elegance. For Mary Kitchen, it was a realization that she "wanted a house that was different, even beyond her imagination."
    • One Manhattan Square

      At One Manhattan Square, the designer Jamie Bush debuts his first East Coast residential project—a model unit for the 80-story tower on New York's Lower East Side.
    • Beverly Hills Estate

      Located in the Trousdale Estates section of Beverly Hills, this 5500-square foot existing home was part of The Doheny Estate until the 1950s.
    • San Francisco Townhouse

      Bush designed the interior for the speculative house – a property built to be sold – in the Californian city's Noe Valley. The client, a tech entrepreneur, purchased the property while it was under construction and asked for it to feel homey and stylish, but not "too done".
    • Malibu Retreat

      This project was a gut-remodel of an existing 4 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom house located in the bluffs above Malibu. The home was re-envisioned into a warm, organic, modernist beach house overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
    • San Francisco Residence

      A stylish modern home in San Francisco designed by Jamie Bush. The client was a couple in their 30s who were looking for an interesting and youthful modern aesthetic. And they are interested in the atmosphere of modern Scandinavia.