YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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PBEB Architetti

PBEB Architetti is an architecture design firm based in Bergamo, Italy, founded in 1996 by founder Paolo Belloni, specializing in architectural and urban design, restoration, landscape design and product design. The studio is particularly concerned with environmental sustainability and quality issues in the relationship between buildings and their natural environment.

Paolo Belloni is a renowned Italian architect, founder and owner of PBEB. After studying and working in Lisbon, Barcelona, New York and Maracaibo, he opened his own studio in BerGamo. The work covers architecture and urban design, restoration, landscape design and product design, following every stage of the design process from concept to realization. Elena Brazis graduated from Barcelona in 1995 with a European scholarship, specialising in the restoration and restoration of historical and architectural buildings. Elena Brazis and Paolo Belloni are involved in architectural design, urban design and design, participating in national and international competitions on architectural design and collective space, where they have received awards and symbols.

The uniqueness of PBEB Architetti in the architectural language lies in the inclusiveness of their work. Their original goal was to create an identifiable building that integrates the local character within a specific theme. Whether it is a mansion, a church, or a public building, the studio creates a dramatic design that uses the architectural language and maternal characteristics of neighboring buildings to form a unique building. The works by PBEB Architetti often have an atmosphere that accompanies the journey of the pilgrim, seeking the natural and sacred in space, and covering Spaces that are often close to a place of meditation.

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    Design Works

    • Garden of Peace

      The "Garden of Peace" is a place of spiritual recollection, rest and preparation for the encounter with the "Obedentia et Pax" crypt and with the statue of St. John XXIII that welcomes pilgrims.
    • Curo Mountain Hostel

      PBEB Architetti renovated the ancient mountain hut "Curò". This project emptied the existing wall structure and removed all the added stucco to show the stone on the wall and highlight the history of the building.
    • Restoration of Former Prison and Saint Agata Monastery

      The project was completed with Arch. Angelo Colleoni and Arch. Melania Licini and is a conservative restoration of the former S. Agata church in the Upper Bergamo.
    • XXV Aprile Square Renovation

      XXV Aprile Square Renovation is a collaboration between PBEB Architetti and MBA and Partners. The project uses the natural slope of the land to create a podium, divides the square area to the adjacent provincial highway, and delimits the pedestrian area and the street.
    • Primary School

      The project is built in an urban environment and is characterized by the existence of many public interest services. The project defines the clear boundaries of roads and opens up and integrates with green spaces and open spaces.
    • Nuovo Chiesa

      The project for a new church was entrusted after a competition. The church, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, is located in a district that until 1950s was a rural area on the outskirts of Carpi. Today Cibeno is a residential area with the strong need for a new, larger church.
    • Nuovo Teatro Papa Giovanni XXIII

      The architecture of the project adopts the architectural language and material characteristics of the adjacent buildings to create an integrated building. A significant linear overlay space is created on the facade of the project, which is accompanied by the pedestrian path.
    • New Church and Parish Center

      The project includes the new church, the parish center and the parish house. The concept of the "embrace" is the reference that defines the elementary structure of space and the role of the new parish center, as a place of aggregation, inclusion, open to everybody.
    • Casa del Pellegrino

      The project consists in the redevelopment of an existing building built in the seventies, converting it into a place of information for pilgrims, visiting the birthplace of Pope Giovanni XXIII.