YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Strom Architects

Strom Architects is a London-based architecture and interior design studio founded in 2010 by founder Magnus Strom. The studio aims to shape their love of thinking (design) and making (architecture). For their buildings, materials, details and construction are an essential and informative part of the design process. Materials are the key to building. Magnus enjoys working with clients across the UK to create their dreams, as well as in Sweden, Spain and the US. His design has been recognised by British and international architecture awards.

Magnus Strom was responsible for the studio's vision and led the design of the project. He works with a team of talented architects to design buildings that improve people's lives, inspire and provide happiness. He was directly involved throughout the project and was passionate about the details to ensure that they delivered a building whose architectural vision had been completed.

Magnus Strom has a strong passion for residential, interior and furniture design. This interest grew up in Sweden, in a modernist house. He was fascinated by the beauty of design and how it became part of everyday life. When he was a child, he was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. His answer was simple, and always -- an architect.

Strom Architects recognizes these timeless values by bringing in the outside and connecting purpose to beauty in their buildings. Their architectural design response is simple and intuitive, yet intense and elegant. Through subtraction, the studio found a solution that simply added value. Improve the quality of life by designing buildings with clarity and simplicity at their core. It makes them feel connected to others.

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    Design Works

    • Cedar Cove

      Cedar Cove is a family home sitting on the west facing shore of a beautiful cove in Rhode Island, near Newport.
    • Ghyll House

      On three sides, the house reads as a single-storey building. On the north-west side,Strom Architects have made use of the sloping topography to insert a bedroom wing underneath.
    • Peninsula House

      The first floor sits as an open-sided rectangular volume with a completely glazed facade overlooking the sea.This project holds a special place in Strom Architects hearts as it is located where Magnus grew up.
    • Kattegat House

      Strom Architects has designed Kattegat House, a single-family villa located on the west coast of southern Sweden. There are stunning views, as the site slopes gently towards the sea and blends in with the surrounding landscape.
    • Bentonville

      Strom Architects designed a home for a couple in Washington, D.C. The couple bought rural land in western Virginia overlooking the Blueridge Mountains and planned to build a vacation home to escape the city on weekends and in the summer. Clients with a strong interest in architecture have always dreamed of having their own house design.
    • Porthmadog House

      Strom Architects has completed Porthmadog House, a residence on the country coast in north-west Wales, UK. With views of the bay over the Irish Sea, the house has a dual character: taking advantage of expansive sea views while drawing inspiration from the rugged countryside and inland landscape.
    • Bohemian Paradise

      Strom Architects was commissioned by a client to renovate and design a holiday home in the beautiful Czech city of Prague. The project is called 'Bohemian Paradise'.
    • Island Rest Holiday Home

      A blackwood holiday home on The Isle of Wight in England, designed by local architecture and interior design studio Strom Architects.
    • Meadow House

      To re-organise the site,Strom Architects proposals insert a series of walls which respond to the physical site features.