YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Studio Pepe

Studio Pepe is a Milan-based design company founded in 2006 by Arianna Lelli Mami & Chiara Di Pinto. These two outstanding designers create unique design concepts with their diverse and multi-level design aesthetics and visionary multidisciplinary design.   

Arianna graduated with a degree in Interior Design from the Milan School of Politics. She has always been fascinated by people's lifestyles and living spaces, looking at designs from a perspective that has no fixed plans. She is passionate about art, collects objects, and is re-explored and utilized, opening up the mindset that often inspires the studio.   

Chiara Di Pinto After graduating from Fine Arts, Chiara received a degree in industrial design from Milano Politecnico di. In 1996, she began working with interior stylists and journalists from many Italian and international magazines. Due to her artistic work experience, she has always been interested in materials, shapes and colors. Her design approach and her passion for research are endless.     

Di Pinto and Lelli Mami met at Milano Politecnico di Milano, both of whom were design students. It was not until they met each other in Mexico that they decided to work together. Lelli Mami and Di Pinto's team are now growing, but continue to provide "strong creative direction."    

Studio Pepe is a design work that is known for its eclecticism and multi-layered perspective. Based on experiments, citing unusual elements, seeking uniqueness and respecting the personality of the customer.     

Their retro-inspired look reinterprets the classics in a modern style. With soft tones and soft colours, beautiful and luxurious materials and timeless designs create a very complex and warm atmosphere     

Studiopepe's projects are characterized by their emotional and aesthetic influences, incorporating visual rigor and the constant search for the appeal of contemporary elements and language. Inspiration comes from solid design experience, together with concepts and projects that have strong emotional value.

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    Design Works

    • Coutume Studio

      Studio Pepe unveils another ultra-creative scenography set within Coutume Studio’s anything but typical showroom in Bordeaux, France.
    • OKKO Hotel Paris

      From the large sculptural chandelier overlooking the living area to the love seats that create intimate but convivial areas at the same time.
    • Jaspal Flagship Store

      Jaspal inaugurates a new flagship store in Bangkok with a brand new concept signed by Studiopepe. The 460 square-meter store is located within IconSiam, the largest and most exclusive retail complex in Thailand, directly overlooking the Chao Phray river.
    • Alysi Showroom 2018

      Their retro look reinterprets the classic with a modern twist.
    • Alysi Showroom

      Fashion clothing brand Alysi opens its first boutique in Milan in the historic Brera district.
    • The Visit Residence

      Living an experience is the basis of The Visit, the experience of entering a space that tells the story of the people living there.