YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Chen Hai Studio

You Wan Xi

Chang'an No.1 Restaurant is the third restaurant of Laopu Roast Duck brand designed by me. The development strategy of Laopu Roast Duck in the past two years is to "expand outward beyond the boundaries", and I have been making various attempts in design. From the extraction of elements and materials, through breaking up and reorganization, the design is a gradual process of continuous abstraction, and finally gives the emotional expression of space.

We defined the theme as "You Wan Xi", which was inspired by the venue itself when we first entered. The venue is transparent on all sides, with three large steps inside, an open convergence and a drop, and a happy dining atmosphere emerges immediately.

I have a pair of Professor Chang Chun's characters, and the header is a rubbing of "You Wan Xi". This is the auspicious tile of the Western Han Dynasty, round, "Wan" character seal script in the circle, left and right are "Xi", decorated with cloud patterns, mellow and beautiful. Xi "Tong" Xi ", that is," the sun has Xi, the moon has Xi, there are ten thousand Xi ".

I like this pattern very much. I think this is the totem of Chinese dining. I decided to use this form, for those families who has good reason for it to be necessary to eat together to celebrate. People sit in a circle, gather together, with another circle outside it, open and close, together to nurture the field of "ten thousand".

On the basis of the original three-step platform, I added five layers and scattered "You Wan Xi" concept one by one. Now that there is a height difference, then water is added on this basis, which not only strengthens the shape of the site, with each circle of enclosure be like floating on the surface of the water, also looks like as if people are rowing their own boats, as if looking at the surrounding boats, boats after boats. People come and go, pushing cups and changing cups, like winding water. In this way, the interest is enhanced, and the distance is also drawn in by the form. The happy mood of oneself is more enthusiastic under the influence of the happy mood of others. In a trance, it seems that Mr. Ouyang Xiu of Luling has realized the transcendent artistic conception that it is better to be happy together than to be happy alone, and that my happiness is everyone's happiness, and likewise everyone else’s happiness is mine.

The round enclosure is wrapped with red copper, the armchair is made of dark red leather, and the silver aluminum plate on the table top is carved with water stains. The material makes each enclosure deep and steady, like an array of bronze drums, with the bells and drums ringing in unison; the mirror aluminum plate sits on the top, with the reflection overlapping, representing the virtual with a real contrast, while the water rippling. Cement, stone lion and red copper emphasize the thickness, the water surface, the mirror top, the surrounding transparent glass wall and the jumping fire shadow strengthening the openness in the thickness, expanding the boundary, and making the feeling of "Wan Xi" form an infinite extension.

The staircase to the second floor strengthens its architectural sense, making it more vigorous. By adding a small lookout in the middle of the platform, when one sets foot on this place to look out, the first floor of the full court is in full view.

On the second floor, a closed operation room is set in the center, and the front part is cantilevered and the water surface is set below, which is similar to the upturned bow, corresponding to the happy gathering on the first floor. The private rooms with windows are surrounded by a veranda, which seems to be a soothing exit. Compared with the excitement of indulgence as soon as you enter the first floor, you can wander here, your emotions can be covered up, and the space also expresses its narrative and connection.

The decoration of the compartment is simplified as much as possible, while trying to complete the functionality and decoration on the functional necessities, so as to maintain the overall consistency and echo. Most of the materials are made of the same red copper as the armchair elevator on the first floor, the doors are made high, the lamps and hangers are specially designed and customized, and the sofas are made of cement prefabricated windowsills, with only cushions and cushions added.

The restaurant entrance is changed to a corner, and two sliding doors are set up to delay the emotional change of entry. The indoor waters extend to the outdoors and can only be accessed through specially extended channels, similar to the boards that connect the boat to the shore. The entire facade maintains its permeability, and people inside and outside can perceive others.

According to Tadao Ando, "Architecture must restore the ties between people by interpreting, expressing and guiding people's basic demands.". In the era of the epidemic, "gathering" has always become a kind of extravagant hope to be kept cautious. I hope that the "You Wan Xi" field nurtured by all of us here will be more observed and cherished by us!


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