YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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  • Restaurant MMC

    Restaurant MMC

    To the outside, a glass box seeks maximum transparency, and allows a full view of the extraordinary landscape of the bay of Santander, giving the feeling of being on the sea.
  • NO.8


    Throughout the home, we aimed for a warm and inviting atmosphere that exudes calm whilst selecting high-quality materials robust enough to withstand the rigours of family life.
  • Dream Lake Shore

    Dream Lake Shore

    At the beginning of the design process was to really bring magic into the Muggle world. So what will this home eventually become?
  • The Whiteley

    The Whiteley

    The first completed residence, curated by New York City-based designer Kelly Behun, epitomizes a blend of old-world charm and contemporary vibrancy.
  • Shanlan Jingting Sales Centre

    Shanlan Jingting Sales Centre

    The design of this case is inspired by the famous Tang Dynasty painter Tang Yin's work in his later years, "Fishing in the Stream and Mountain". The painting depicts Tang Yin's return to the suzhou after experiencing the chaos of the world, and his yearning and pursuit of a quiet and natural life.
  • Bar Miller

    Bar Miller

    The design seamlessly integrates local and craft-centric features while subtly nodding to Japanese aesthetics and oceanic motifs, creating a luxurious yet inviting ambiance.
  • Pebble Beach Residence

    Pebble Beach Residence

    New roof decks on either side of the home invite in views of the Pacific Ocean to the west and the golf course and rear yard to the east. 
  • Cal Serni

    Cal Serni

    A single material is chosen, the mineral skin of microcement, for all those elements of new construction, endowing the space with calmness and softness, in contrast to the existing materials.
  • L+T Villa

    L+T Villa

    Life is sometimes like literature, embodying ideals and aspirations from a secular perspective.
  • Xishang Homestay

    Xishang Homestay

    When you fall asleep in the embrace of nature, you dream of riding a maple leaf, walking through the sea of clouds, enjoying the free and unfettered happiness, experiencing the beauty of life, the romance of the forest, and sketching a kind of magnificent artistic conception.
  • Bund


    Bund's flagship club in Madrid materializes the synergy between the formal and the fluid, the classic and the spontaneous.
  • Maximale Office

    Maximale Office

    It is conceived as a workshop where to produce, but also as a space that invites reflection and meeting.
  • Terzetto


    Terzetto exemplifies ConForm's commitment to inventive design solutions, overcoming spatial constraints while maintaining a strong connection to nature.
  • City Courtyard

    City Courtyard

    IN DESIGN tends to shape a restrained and natural space. Quietness and pureness speak our definition of space.
  • DISSH Bondi

    DISSH Bondi

    The female-owned and led brand has built its image to contextualise the Australian landscape for the modern woman.