YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Leaping Creative

UC Naturel Aroma Lab

By taking “translator of natural energy” as the core concept, Leaping Creative helped establish a differential brand image for aromatherapy skincare brand UC Naturel from brand visual identity, product packaging to brand culture were all centered on this concept, to interpret the brand’s spirit from different dimensions. UC Naturel offers an extensive line of products of the finest quality utilizing plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients proven to provide outstanding results. In addition to visual identity system and aromatherapy products, another key consideration of this project was to figure out how to create a space that people’s mood can be lifted by aroma experience.

Sitting by the river, the first brick-and-mortar art space of UC Naturel is sited in Times Ark Creative Park in Guangzhou. The project’s site is right at the tip of a peninsula. The brand’s founder hoped to create a quiet, spiritual place that dialogues with nature. The project faces the broad river and a wetland park on the opposite bank. Leaping Creative transformed the original facade of the building into a sandy-toned one. Combined with a light-permeable window, it shows a rustic and serene atmosphere on the riverbank.

The architecture is divided into three floors. The first floor is a showroom, while the second and third floors are office areas. In this relatively limited space, the showroom not only satisfies basic functions, but also highlights people’s emotional experience.

Circle, the core of UC Naturel’s brand spirit proposed by Leaping Creative translated from the forms of trees rings, planets, ripples and more, representing the law of the endless cycle of nature. Thus, its constant energy becomes the core spirit of the brand. Circle is incorporated into the brand’s visual identity system as a key element, corresponding to four aspects — ingredients, process, aroma and experience. Visual expression through four aspects intertwined emotional healing state, to highlight their healing, calming, relaxing and balancing effects. 

The core concept of “circle” is also applied to spatial organization. The layout of space is shaped by a combination of several “circles” of varied sizes. The lightweight curved walls of different heights in the middle create partitions, which enclose the space but not isolate it. Thus, the aroma flows more freely in the space, and visitors can enjoy an
uninterrupted flow of experience.

The concept is adopted to create a light-permeable space. The introduction of light enriches the delicate atmosphere in the interior. As the angle, intensity and hue of the sunlight vary during the day, the space is filled with rich changes of light and shadows. Simple and serene Wabi-sabi aesthetics is combined with sustainable materials to create a soft atmosphere in the space. Through creating a concise style space, Leaping Creative intended to encourage visitors to absorb natural energy in a peaceful atmosphere.

On the other side of the space is the fragrance blending area. Formula manuscripts written by UC Naturel founder are displayed on the background wall, recording the brand’s course of product development and carrying the spirit of the space. The stacked bottles of ingredients and the wooden operating counter recreate a scene of the brand’s product making process, encouraging visitors to experience the floristic aroma and energy.In the early morning, the sunshine also introduced in the back end of the space, with dappled tree shadows flicking on the terrazzo flooring. This shared area can be used for brand-related events or aroma experience activities. 


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