YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Liu Liang

N'insul Hotel

Interiors Hotels Ningxia 2021-12-07

With curiosity, we set out to sort out the vein of Tangut culture: deconstruct the vegetation in the local natural landscape and the brilliant cultural totems in the Tangut culture one by one, and re-create the totem patterns in combination with the local culture. Adhering to the tradition and in line with contemporary aesthetics of life, keeping the design concept of simplicity and inheriting reconstruction, the Xixia culture is interpreted as a wild and luxurious new aesthetics throughout the whole space.

North Island bay N 'insul original wild luxury hotel is located in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region shapotou Town Yellow River Zuji. Shapotou gather sacred Mountain, desert, Yellow River, oasis, grassland in one place; Set changshuihe Paleolithic site, Mengjiawan Neolithic site, Qin Dynasty kiln, Han Dynasty weir, Silk Road post station, Xixia royal garden in one place; It integrates Great Wall culture, Silk Road culture, nomadic culture and farming culture. Huanghe Suji was once a village left by the ancient city of Zhongwei. It is a collection of diverse and integrated historical relics, thick rammed earth walls surrounded by the nine winding Yellow River, reeds, looking at the sprawling desert, and the earthen yellow exterior buildings, all of which are expansive.

At the beginning of creation, The designer did field trips, watched documentaries and read books with these thoughts in mind... As one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, Ningxia is located on the "Silk Road" and gave birth to the ancient Yellow River civilization. In 1038, Li Yuanhao, the chief of dangxiang nationality, founded the Western Xia Dynasty here, creating immortal achievements and brilliant Western Xia culture. However, the magic is that the Western Xia kingdom and its culture mysteriously disappeared overnight.

The original intention of wild luxury is the perfect unity of art, civilization and nature, combined with the natural beauty of Beidao Bay, and then into the rough and wild. The jujube tree at the gate of the front courtyard, the haystack under the jujube tree and the tent on the haystack are probably the closest to the countryside and the starry sky. They are also some pure, warm, quiet and abundant looks found in nature.

Adhering to the poet's north Island concept that "travel is a way of life", every traveler can experience the peace and comfort of escaping from the world at N 'insul bay. Liu Jing connects the past of the land with the present of N 'Insul in Beidao Bay. When the space tells a story, the residence itself becomes interesting. Beidao Bay is not only a place for people to stop temporarily, but also she hopes that all people who come here can ask questions about the past here, have a simple understanding of The Western Xia culture and a deep understanding of the northwest scenery, so that they can have memories in the future and arouse the exploration of the past culture.


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