YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Resolute Space Design

Slow Cafe

Record the days with 「life」 and 「love」. Receive the healing from beautiful landscape and gastronomic cuisines.

A romantic tale finally perches on its destination, landing on “our own café”. With many thanks to Mr. Liang and Ms. Yang, our bosom friends—a couple who run and manage Markor Furnishings A.R.T. Exhibition Hall, we design and open our café amongst the bustles and hustles of the No. 3 Hall of Fusen-Noble House as an independent, unworldly sacred land for your souls, which serves to inspire design ideas and evoke inspirational logics. 

01 Born in the wilderness and complacent with indoor settings

Hug the nature in the local urbanity. Instill art into chaos in routine life. Enjoy the coziness of temporarily being an outsider.

Brush past the chaos of usual urbanity, and you will suddenly find yourself standing in front of Slow Café·Inner World of Markor Furnishings A.R.T.—a café customized for coffee lovers. Delicately hidden amongst the purest serenity of the screaming city centre area, adopting a poetic simplicity and frugality in the framework of modernity, Slow Café·Inner World is a spatial creation extended from the café owners’ living aesthetics, as well as a hyperlink to the spiritual faith of slow life. 

The old elm offers its extreme simplicity ethos which are a gift from ages, and we take this fine element from the selfless renewable natural sources. The warmness spilled from the tone of the wood harbours meanings, generates bigger visions, and offers healing power—an amiable strength that shortens the distances between the café owners and the customers. 

We have integrated loads of greening elements into the space to keep the flavours of four seasons in a year, or perennialism, between breaths. By gently infusing warmth and a welcomed liveliness into the space, we have built a password for breaking unseen boundaries. 

02 Invites the lights and shadows—a welcome for our guests

Record the days with 「life」 and 「love」. Receive the healing from beautiful landscape and gastronomic cuisines.

Our café offers its open-mindedness to cordially welcome urban people. We graciously invite the emotional beings with our obvious rituals of making friends and building rewarding connections. We offer appropriate openness while marking clear lines, segregating the chaos and prosperity from outside. A customer is expected to immerse himself or herself in the tranquility and hide inside the lights and shadows we have created, in a space that passes on a fine ethos and fragrance for souls. 

The time-honoured furnishings and the elegance hidden inside the details, inherently pass on the comfort of a retro style. All objects decorating this fine space are the treasures meticulously selected by the café owners on their journey in the wider world.

Another hidden line that goes along with the Slow Café·Inner World is the consistent Markor Furnishings A.R.T. Branding products, maintaining a plural relationship with the space and life. These furnishing products are like the welcomed guests of the café owners, entangling an unspoken romance with the customers, bringing in a wanderlust breeze to each visitor. Also, these furnishing products empower Slow Café·Inner World to confide in our customers the historical logics nurtured by time.

With books and poems on the tables, and flowers for all year round, we greet you with a literature beauty. The café owners always believe that one needs to deepen his or her exploration of hobbies and ambitions in life, thus can meet with his or her own beauty, which is a world value of the owner. With this idea in mind, the café owners create a touch of coziness for the self-exploration of each and every soul.

Different matchings between nature and space, between brand and art, create uniquely special spatial atmospheres, which represent the highly uniform spiritual correlations between the branding philosophy and living aesthetics. With the unspoken serenity of time, our café will lead your life journey to a cooling easiness.

03 A philosophy of accommodation and a co-existence of multiple sorts of beauty

Inside the café, the fireplace sends out the heated air, filled with the coffee aroma and the fragrance of flora…

The dominant attribute inside the café is the free and cozy spirit pursued by the café owners, leading the overall spatial aesthetics. The café’s decoration design has well interpreted the café owners’ essential favouritism, which has omitted all the fancy redundancy, narrating the lightness of the café with simple elements. The pure, natural, and earthy colour pallettes are provided to dissemble the unease in your minds and hearts, nurturing a fertile ground for relaxation for minds and souls. Slow Café·Inner World can be seen as a haven for spirits, nourishing our customers in a private retreat in the city. 

Although one rarely sees the extravagant decorations in the space, the ingenuity is not absent for this cause. One can obviously perceive the expressions of multi-dimensional symbols representing carefully collected imaginative combinations, and the delicate tensions born from primitive aesthetics. The sense of ritual is herein born in the subtle adjustments of proportions.

The objects for sale owned by Markor Furnishings A.R.T. Brand are dotted in the smooth combination of coffee and a slow pace of life, the echo between which are as unconscious as natural. This natural ethos is being infused into the café, creating a benign interplay between each other. At Slow Café·Inner World, one is free to express and show his or her noble philanthropy, subtle emotions, and sophisticated personalities—it is a place which welcomes plural ideas and values. The beauty of time, nature, and ethos, are toying with each other, expressing a light into this place. 

The worn objects, aged wood, and modern textiles, all show a state-making attitude of robust growths. Each delicate and subtle layout design seems to keep in secrecy a miraculous story, connecting the contrasted tensions with strong characteristics in the whole space. The philosophy of accommodation is herein the aesthetic value, and the philosophy of life. 

04 Vipassana—seeing yourself and being comfortable by yourself, while echoing with the café’s natural layout and atmosphere

In a random sunny afternoon, our customers can bask in a square feet of sunshine, leisurely crafting the pottery earth, trimming the plant branches, or arranging flowers in the popular ikebana style. The form of aesthetic expression of enveloping the American furnishing genes with a fullness of greens is close to the personal favouritism of the café owners. Meanwhile, the repeated exercises of creating a harmonious interaction between this aesthetic expression form and the goal of creating a spatial ambience has shown the café owners’ soulful belief in the pursuit of freedom, coziness, and romance. 

The mild episodes and the time lines are transformed externally into lovely things at here and now, creating an intimacy in this tiny space, reflecting how time kisses and heals the people. This glamour has become a sophistication of personal interests and passions for indoors, with a purpose to meet with echoes from hearts. 

The interplay amongst people, nature, life, and art, has always been the main purpose of creating and building this space. The café owners hope that each friend and guest who comes to this café can have an all-round and in-depth experience of this life aesthetics, which promotes cozy living, staring into the sky, and whispering to yourself in your heart. 

So our advice and kind wishes for our future customers are that, being kind and gentle to yourself, for you are no more than a child of the universe, nothing more than plants and stars. With this gentle hope harboured in your hearts, you can grow grit living power like wild sands, or transform yourself into a passionate breeze.


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