YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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CMSK Xi'an Xu

Chang'an was once the most prestigious capital in the history of Chinese civilization and oriental civilization, and is known as one of the four ancient capitals in the world. Although the prosperous Chang'an is no longer premium, it is still a legend in the scrolls of history.

WSD chooses contemporary design morphemes to interpret the charm of prosperous Chang'an and the oriental landscape view one by one, awakening people's cultural understanding, emotional resonance and spiritual identity of space, laying out the oriental ritual sequence and the natural spatial level of landscape, integrating and reflecting the contemporary context People's pursuit of lifestyle and spirituality.

The Preface : The Moon Rises From the Deserted Valley

The orbit of the moon is abstracted, and the spiral fractal structure presents the lunar trajectory here. Between the mountains and rivers, the rising and falling of the moon and the ebb and flow of the tide are the laws of nature and the cycle of life and the universe.

Learning from nature, taking nature as the narrative carrier, and translating the space, using the open-hole design method, the dome spiral staircase brings in the sky light, and the whole space is shrouded in the "moonlight", and a mountain, a water, and a stone are added to embellish it, as if escaping. between mountains and rivers. Maple shadows float, the paths meander, the water gurgling, washes away the glitz of the world, and transitions into an elegant and poetic way home.

Moon Shadow Floating - The Walk beneath the Moon

There is a saying in the Book of Poetry that "the moon is shining brightly", and Su Tungpo easily sighed "only the breeze on the river, and the bright moon in the mountains, sounds can be heard by the ears, and colors can be seen by the eyes." The dome becomes a bright moon, the ground is like a green mountain, the shadows of the trees are swirling, and the breeze is blowing on the face. 

The garden has several ways to enter, as to maintain a "loose" structure in terms of experience. The open rhythm of the combination of virtual and real runs through the entire space, and the design of multiple moving lines adds to the fun of the garden. Using the poetic techniques of walking around walls, framing scenes and opening holes, piercing holes around the corridors, and turning around the door, under the "moonlight", there are glimpses of light and shadows, and there are scenes everywhere, which are often painted.

The water of the courtyard is led under the eaves, and the twists and turns of the water feature create a natural and interesting strolling corridor. Walking forward, the whole space is suddenly bright after the clouds and mists are chased away. The tranquility and stability of the atmosphere brings the interest of living in nature.

The oriental garden has always paid attention to “ The reference, finesse and appropriateness". The negotiation area makes full use of the methods of borrowing from afar, borrowing from neighbors, and borrowing at the right time. The three-stage spatial layout allows the spatial structure to gradually enter the virtual environment. "Hidden into the surrounding" state, with the oriental poetry hidden, responding to the broadness of modernism, presenting the coexistence of poetic nature and fashionable and modern temperament. The beauty of narrative stems from the perfect blend of nature and space. The shapes of mountains and moon are abstracted into the space, the stairs spiral upwards, and the moonlight leaks in from the dome, leaving scattered moon shadows.

The arches are enclosed, and the spiral staircase becomes the axis of the space transformation relationship. The spatial order is defined by this, and the spatial relationship runs through it. The sense of limitation of the scene is relieved and a free and flexible atmosphere is created. Gentle light, delicate wood, and rough copper echo each other, enriching the form of space and adding multiple interaction possibilities for people and scenery.

Straight lines belong to man, curves belong to God. Using curves and structures, the ups and downs are combined, and the art and technology are perfectly matched, and the space is re-created in the space. In the "explicit" and "hidden", the philosophical conception of "seeing the horizontal as a mountain and forming a peak" is perceived.

The Full Moon- The Ordinary Life Story

In the Chinese dining scene, the circle is used as the axis, and the auxiliary square is the preface, which means "harmony" and "ceremony sequence". At the entrance of the private banquet, the "Shadow Wall" stands on the central axis, and the etiquette is orderly; entering the banquet hall, the circular ceiling shape echoes the round table, which is round, full, and harmonious. The space embellishes the oriental interest of "touring in the mountains and rivers". The layers of maple trees and the mountains, forests and streams attract guests and friends to immerse themselves in the mountains. The banquet is not only about the feeling of taste, but also about the perception of people and people in the beauty of mountains and forests. , the connection between man and nature.

In the classical complex of the East, emotions are never directly vented, but are always infiltrated with life emotions such as landscapes, vegetation, poetry and paintings, deconstructed, reorganized, and circulated to form new leisurely feelings, which are endless "appearances" of consciousness. As far as life is concerned, tea is not only about drinking, but also about "tasting" and "thinking", the perception and understanding of consciousness in concrete things.

With the charm of natural poetry and culture, the space form of "landscape and garden" creates a life experience scene where nature and human settlements coexist. It is also the core of China and the United States in the oriental living style conveyed by WSD.


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