YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Yu Studio

Chengdu Vanke Tianfu Jingxiu

They are intertwined to form Chengdu, which is its most unique character, diverse and tolerant.——Yu Zhao

We are building the tradition of the future, and we believe that everyone can find their worth in it.

The ancient language linglong, for the jade sound, the first sound into the ear. To open the curtain of Chengdu Tianfu Rich Embroidery of Vanke with a music with urban character, and create a lifestyle derived from "Rich embroidery", zeng Yu's song "Beautiful Exquisite" came into being. Yu Zhao invited him not only because of his professionalism in making records for Zhou Xun, Lao Wolf, Pu Shu and Ye Bei, but also because of his understanding of life in Chengdu. With the music, we seem to see a leisure, and a proper fashion, this is Chengdu. Take 'Shu Brocade' title: Write the past and future of Tianfu.

Design is a cultural act as well as a life act. "What matters most is the way we live our lives." Taking the custom shu brocade as an example, the silk scarves are cut and blended into the shape of flowers, which are placed in each 'ball', which are embodied in the form of units, making them both artistic and fit the meaning of the project itself. On one side are avant-garde art installations and bustling shopping malls; On one side is an old teahouse and an ancient temple with green lanterns. There seems to be no city, such as Chengdu, livable, comfortable quality and fireworks parallel, charming, lasting appeal. "To the beauty of things, beautiful in the heart", the design is also launched.

Yu zhao invited young female artists to create a customized "Shu brocade scroll" with brocade as the element. The work is then derived and disassembled into silk scarves, which are blended into "flowers" and transformed into "gifts" to be given to guests as well as decorative elements. The eclecticism of the humanities and the arts translates into 'splendid art'. Delicate, easy, antic life is namely 'exquisite'. Weaving exquisite temperature, expression art parallel to life, where each strand represents a different temperature of life. 

"They are intertwined to form Chengdu, which is its most unique character, diverse and tolerant." Yu Zhao said.

"Cheng" : Linglong said in her mind. A good space is like a poem, with layers, rhythm and arrangement of words. This kind of completeness makes people feel happy and comfortable. The spiral staircase is the second level in the spatial sequence: "After entering the story of shu brocade, we hope to see a richer Chengdu." Chengdu people yearn for leisure time, but leisure is not the only key word.

The carmy-red Italian AXOLIGHT lamp is placed in the center of the copper birdcage installation to express the "lantern" in another way, which seems to play a joke on the space and vividly reflects the humor, enthusiasm and "playing" character of Chengdu people. This cage is like the introduction of 'architecture', with the regional texture: chengdu night light and light, hot pot spicy fresh, people hot straight. Exquisite here, is a pursuit of exquisite lifestyle, to the cage as a concrete, artistic after the creation of the space atmosphere.

Chengdu follows the path of nature, sticks to the materials of nature and holds the meaning of nature. In the meantime, I would like to carefully consider the parallel relationship between the city and nature, art and life, and create the hot temperature of life. Some people say that most of the days in Chengdu are spent in teahouses. The phrase "Ba Shi" sums up life and is a key to interpret the city, so there is a section for drinking tea and wine in the club. Raw wood tea table mesa is matched with metal texture of the bracket structure, natural attributes and delicate elements collision and fusion, expression of eclectic cognitive feelings.

"Turn" : Space and artistic creativity. No matter the cultural background or the living temperature, a leisurely and comfortable contemporary pattern with art is finally derived. The negotiation area on the ground floor is the core of this case, which is also the ultimate shock expression of "Splendid · Linglong". Based on large space, the large frame in the visual center is exquisite, just like a perfect diamond with eight hearts and eight arrows, which tells the pursuit of life borne by the combination of art and material. And in linglong heart, a 'crystal tower' is growing up in the form of de-secularization. Pure texture, upward posture, can make life hair, can make life vigorous, make us understand that life is always a surprise. The mixed flowers of Shu brocade are transformed into beautiful thoughts here, and placed in the Linglong Tower is the most sincere blessing to the guests. Like a sense of intellectual rigor without loss of charm, it is intended to create a private salon with unique characteristics, catering to poetry and distant visions.

"Together" : create a prosperous rich embroidery. Red apricot branches in spring, a noisy word, is all the imagination of the bustling. Take red as the clue throughout the space, from chengdu "spicy". From the private banquet area, this chapter reaches its climax. Humanity and books, flowers and poetry are all "splendid". It is the color that belongs to China alone, enchanting, amorous feelings, intention builds' splendid 'natural and graceful temperament. The carpet with the pattern of flowers brings the culture of Shu brocade into the space, creating the cultural belonging of "flower heavy brocade official city", and overlooking the artwork of Linglong in the distance, forming a scene of bashu amorous feelings of "Splendid · Linglong". The wood with natural texture, books and flowers all add poetic sense to the symmetrical space, and the splendid chapter is opened again in the book bar area. This kind of elegant and elegant, drawing the yearning for delicate life, but also with chengdu's unique humanistic feelings, and you meet.

This is a flashback story... Life is full of uncertainty. "Chengdu Tianfu Splendid Exhibition" and "Chongqing Jade Park" were both invited at about the same time. By virtue of the characters of the two cities, the original intention was to experience the different winds of Bashu. I wanted to publish it at the same time with the title "A Tale of Two Cities". But the two projects completed a year apart. At the end of the epidemic, the case has finally been closed. May a touch of spice in Chengdu give everyone the impetus to restart.


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