YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Yu Studio

Chongqing Vanke Emerald Park

Every relationship between designer and design has different levels and depths, but always return to the original intention in the end: do not go too far, and forget why to start. Ann sat in front of the tea table and watched the tea pour out of the cup in a soft arc, followed by a diffuse fragrance. He started talking to Designwire about The Vanke Jade Park in Chongqing, a place that touches people with creative music and art. As if the distant space and before the scene of tea and one.

"Design is not a skill, but a sense and insight of the essence of things, and I particularly object to stylizing it." For me, living on the plain, everything was new and exciting. The charm of the night is not seen through, the mysterious sense of foreign is also buried in the memory. In the old days, "tang Hui" was a "elegant affair" serving the dignitaries. In vanke "ZHEN" series first product - "ZHEN mountain house" design thinking, put forward the concept together with the architect zhi-guo ren, from the meaning of "will", revolves around introverted courtyard building logic, within the community clubs to develop a new way of life, and obtained ideal results.

The Chongqing project adopts the mature concept of "Concourse" and completes the new upgraded version of "Concourse" by integrating local elements on the basis of previous mature experience. Late last year, I saw a video on the Internet called "The Dying Skill", which told the story of the old bamboo craftsman's life in Qianjiang, Chongqing, and the skill of weaving strips, which has been gradually forgotten by modern life. The idea was to find these old artists and build a new design. Sichuan, Guizhou and other places are very developed bamboo weaving technology, local materials, at the same time in line with the local lifestyle and climate characteristics.

Traditional handicraft was once a part of our life. Modern industrial production brings convenience and low cost, but it also brings side effects. "Lost Memories," "Sex and the City," and "Temperature of life" describe the past, present and future, respectively. Idea source: The moment when a fishing girl throws a fishing net by the river.

The three continuous rectangular Spaces are connected in series to form a rational order. Each cube has an elliptic opening on the four sides, which is like the arch structure of the female curve connecting with each other and reflecting the empty space with four mirror images. When people walk through it, they will feel the emptiness of the space boundary. Huge fishing nets suspended above the central gallery float like jellyfish. Presenting chongqing's unique regional culture with contemporary art techniques, it is like the moment when a fishing girl throws out a fishing net by the river, her heart is full of desire for harvest. Like the mentality of the arrival, waiting for the heart of harvest and looking forward to a better life.

For Chongqing people, desire is the inner pursuit of spiritual quality, which brings traditional culture into the city and reconstructs the symbiotic relationship between people and environment in high-density and fast-paced areas. Together with the sand table model below, the picture of "Sex and the City" is formed. "Sex and the city" is the desire for harmony and compatibility between man and nature.

"The most beautiful part of the city, hope is always because of Vanke! I think this may be vanke's attitude and ideal for urban construction. Modern people's life is too comfortable, no matter which city to live in, which season, which time and space will be almost constant temperature at 22 degrees. "Temperature" is a kind of advanced feeling. In the hot summer, emperors of the former Qing Dynasty chose to trek hundreds of kilometers to "summer resort" in pursuit of appropriate temperature.

In the era of no air conditioning, the memory of summer is along the mother in the sheets spread out a bamboo mat. In the summer, the night air is still hot, but the coolness of bamboo oozes into my heart through my skin, and Then I can sleep peacefully. Naturally, I don't feel hot any more. Chongqing is famous for its heat. Bamboo also has the right feeling of coolness. The design inspiration is naturally spread out around the idea of bamboo and weaving, spreading out from the inside and outside of the building's facade, like the conduction of temperature on metal.

No one knows more about bamboo's character than Mr Shi. In my opinion, he is a bamboo nut. I had a good personal relationship with him, and I always called him Yu Elder brother. Yuge's works, such as personality, are highly consistent. Things always happen to happen, at first I just know his ancestral home is Chongqing, holding the model to look for him; Later I learned that his ancestral home is also in Jiangbei district, not far from the project. I invited Yuge to design an installation for the project. He gladly accepted my invitation and designed the bamboo lamp for the center. He also helped me find a master of bamboo weaving and gave me great support during the project.

The clubhouse space installation is the most difficult in the whole design. Device is divided into two parts: the part of the 12 m span arch building body, is to use modern composite bamboo craft, bamboo itself after a break, peeling, agglutination and pressing process of original form change of bamboo industrialization rules form, through the cut and make a very light structure.

And bamboo weaving in the center of the chimney is the second part, is entirely in Chinese traditional manual weaving process to reflect, chimney is about 3 meters high, center, the structure of the main body part is made from a single root bamboo break and form part of the "parallel", and "meridian" is layers with different thickness of bamboo split open, basically reached the limit of the material process. The Chinese method of weaving bamboo is to make use of the natural form and toughness of bamboo fiber to organize the structure, which fully restore the "way of nature". The two forms of bamboo present different philosophies and methodologies that are interesting.

The space is spiritual, when the building in the mind is complete. A new idea came into being. The whole design needs a more complete line, flowing and diffuse in the space, like the smoke on the river is a part of the river, like the shadow of the boundary mountain blurred. I hope there is a sound through it.

Acura is an old friend of mine in the music circle. He is my favorite Chinese guitarist. In 1994, he used a guitar to hold up the "Devil rock Trio" in Hung Hom, Hong Kong. He has been invited to compose themed music for many films. I chatted with him about the idea of creating a piece of music for a specific space, and when he heard the idea, he immediately became interested. Much of the connection between design and music is Shared, and in the final chapter of the music, Lowden's handmade guitar was specially selected for recording. This guitar features a modern, bright overall tone with some classic nylon strings, which is the closest thing to my design concept.

Interesting things always happen in the process of the project. The designer of the landscape is Zhou Wei, who is famous in the design circle for his knowledge of Chinese culture. The landscape of the central courtyard has always been my concern, because the whole design logic is around the courtyard, coincided with the auction price of "dead wood strange stone map", Zhou Wei found inspiration from Su Dongpo. The three "Rohan pines" from Japan almost consumed the entire landscape design budget. Therefore, in the design of the plaza in front of the club can only be used as bamboo plants, the site so that the building, space height is consistent. At first, the name of the music created for the project was "Emerald Linglong". Zhou suggested removing the word "Fei" and finally got the name "Cui Linglong".


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