YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Vision Art
  • Sigve Knutson

    Sigve Knutson

    Knutson's design reminds people of ancient objects. All of his works are hammered by hand. He uses basic tools to hammer and shape, evokes people's thinking about the stone and iron ages.
  • Sarah Rayne

    Sarah Rayne

    Sarah Rayne's goal is to transform porcelain from an inert material into a three-dimensional, sensual and eye-catching work that reflects the beauty, temptation and mystery of plants.
  • Victoria Yakusha

    Victoria Yakusha

    Victoria Yakusha wants to reflect the entire life energy that has been wrapped in Ukrainian soil for centuries through her ceramic art series.


    WASARA takes Japanese aesthetics as its spiritual foundation, inherits the ancient Japanese life philosophy, and injects contemporary aesthetics into its products.
  • Cosmin Florea

    Cosmin Florea

    Cosmin's creation is inspired by the basic shapes of natural objects and the clean and attractive lines that defined modern architecture and design in the mid-century.
  • Charlotte Taylor

    Charlotte Taylor

    Charlotte Taylo pays attention to individuality, balance and detail in the design. Nature plays a key role in her work, breaking the trend of futurism or utopia.
  • Lisa Dengler

    Lisa Dengler

    American sculptor Lisa Dengler hopes to incorporate opposition to fast-paced life in her works, and tries to explore the beauty of women through dialogue with her own body!
  • Malene Knudsen

    Malene Knudsen

    Malene Knudsen's work maintains the original nature of nature, is good at combining the contrast between soft organic shapes and hard materials, and appears both masculine and feminine in its porous and strong form.
  • Sébastien Baert

    Sébastien Baert

    Sébastien Baert advocates the combination of function and art to open up the inner space of the mind and connect the real with the fiction.
  • Vanessa Hogge

    Vanessa Hogge

    The works of Vanessa Hogge, a potter from London, England, have distinctive features. They are organic, gorgeous, natural and fashionable, with spontaneous elements.
  • Denise Romecki

    Denise Romecki

    Denise Romeck's organic sculptures are narrative and symbolic, and celebrating the power and charm of the ocean is a continuous theme in her works.
  • Sueharu Fukami

    Sueharu Fukami

    The works of Japanese potter Sueharu Fukami are hues of aquamarine and soft green. The sharp edges and curved lines are reminiscent of the blade of a samurai sword.
  • Patricia Shone

    Patricia Shone

    British potter Patricia Shone's creative goal is to achieve tension between the natural texture pattern and the container form.
  • Hidenori Tsumori

    Hidenori Tsumori

    Hidenori Tsumori's sculptures have sharp, sharp details, carrying the short fragments of memory and the tenderness of lost lives.
  • Per Carlsen

    Per Carlsen

    This is a flying journey about architecture, floating in the virtual and unknown cloud world, traveling far, and then returning to the real world, inspiring human beings about innovation. Art is enlightening, it's philosophical, it's a tool for creating a better world.