YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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  • Marjolaine Salvador-Morel

    Marjolaine Salvador-Morel

    Marjolaine Salvador-Morel work never ceases to place the human being in the earthly realm, at the center of the universe, and to question our own representations of the world. This artist reminds us where we come from and what makes us human.
  • Benjamin Shine

    Benjamin Shine

    Benjamin Shine is a multidisciplinary artist known for his pioneering work on tulle, which focuses on energy, impermanence, and the relationship between spirit and surface.
  • Isabel Berglund

    Isabel Berglund

    Isabel Berglund’s works appear fluent in form; whether the knitting is presented alone or as an organic elongation of found objects, the works contain several elements and layers that slowly develop in the gaze of the viewer.
  • Kinga Földi

    Kinga Földi

    Kinga Foldi's goal is for her sculptures to be "objects of peace for the soul in an accelerating modern world".
  • Silvia De Marchi

    Silvia De Marchi

    Silvia De Marchi find inspiration in the view of Buddhist philosophy that accepts the ephemeral nature of everything and that captures the beauty in imperfection and simplicity.
  • Asya Kozina

    Asya Kozina

    Asya Kozina interest as a professional artist lies in the field of cultural research, archiving and plastic expression of various historical, traditional and artistic representations.
  • Kay Sekimachi

    Kay Sekimachi

    Kay Sekimachi is recognized as a pioneer in the resurrection of fiber and weaving as a legitimate means of artistic expression.
  • Bianca Severijns

    Bianca Severijns

    Severijns is known for her original and distinguished paper language, with which she aesthetically arranges hundreds of hand-torn pieces of paper into sculpture tapestries, murals, and reliefs.
  • Pat Campbell

    Pat Campbell

    The emotion Pat Campbell try to portray in all pieces is one of calmness or meditation. The pieces are usually all made from one module that is repeated and placed in layers to give the feeling of depth.
  • Soyun Jung

    Soyun Jung

    Soyun handcrafts sculptures out of fine thread Her pieces are formed with layers of thread sewn on top of each other Inner questions and landscapes are her inspiration.
  • Jeremy Blincoe

    Jeremy Blincoe

    Jeremy’s work explores the concepts of metamorphosis and infinite becomings through a multi-disciplinary practice focusing on sculpture and photography.
  • Fiona Morley

    Fiona Morley

    Fiona Morley work attempts to explore our humanity and psychology, our relationships with ourselves, loved ones and our community.
  • Kyeok Kim

    Kyeok Kim

    Kyeok Kim, following her jewelry studies at the Royal College of Art in London, began her research by observing the marks and imprints left on the skin by her jewelry.
  • Traudel Stahl Papierkunst

    Traudel Stahl Papierkunst

    Traudel Stahl Papierkunst utilizes a special process and a high degree of sensitivity to transform paper into works of art that are delicate, wafer-thin and inspiring, yet at the same time amazingly stable.
  • Hyun-Sook Song

    Hyun-Sook Song

    Hyun-Sook Song's presence of light and movement through and around the objects lends the canvases a powerful, nostalgic evocation; each painting references the ephemeral nature of the objects in the artist's memory, as well as the broader ever-changing perception of memory.