YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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  • Oriel Zinaburg

    Oriel Zinaburg

    Working in series, Oriel Zinaburg work commands a charged expression of the surreal and absurd in order to represent an emotional state that one could be in.  
  • Ludmilla Balkis

    Ludmilla Balkis

    Rooted in her relationship to nature, Balkis’vessels present an evolving dialogue between organic elements and clay.
  • Ben Young

    Ben Young

    as a surfer and a boat builder, Ben young is innately drawn to the ocean, waves and rocky shores, which he brings together for his ongoing collection of sea-themed sculptures.
  • Jeanne Sarah Bellaiche

    Jeanne Sarah Bellaiche

    Always poetic in her creations, Jeanne Sarah Bellaiche's works are fascinating, expressive and delicate ceramic sculptures of women in motion.
  • Nicole McLaughlin

    Nicole McLaughlin

    As the fiber flows from, weaves into, or frames the ceramic, it distorts the functionality but becomes a meaningful component as plate and cloth merge.
  • Haejin Lee

    Haejin Lee

    Born in 1982, Haejin Lee is a ceramic artist based in Seoul, South Korea. Focusing primarily on the human body, Haejin Lee sculpts heads and feet that look almost complete, but with ribbon-like lines at the top of each piece.
  • Jakub Kubica

    Jakub Kubica

    Jakub Kubica’s artistic practice spans sculpture, visual and sound performances, and minimal furniture design.
  • Carlos Cabo

    Carlos Cabo

    Carlos Cabo masters in clay art and he creates figure sculptures out of clay that reinterpret the human anatomy and forms of sea creatures in an abstract way.
  • Alexander Devol

    Alexander Devol

    With a focus on a simple and honest approach to design and the aim of creating pieces where both aesthetics and utility are ingrained, Alex’s work brings new life and pleasure to the everyday.
  • Johannes Nagel

    Johannes Nagel

    Committed to this exploration of the possibilities of the vessel–in its form, function, scale and method of creation, Nagel’s practice is continually deconstructing the historic, traditional, classical and contemporary permutations of the‘vase’.  
  • Eliurpi


    Elisabet Urpi and Nacho Umpierrez are an artistic duo who work and share a way of life, both professional and personal. They create unique pieces that are closer to the art than the objects themselves, always colorful.
  • Eduardo Chillida

    Eduardo Chillida

    Eduardo Chillida preferred to work with elemental forms, pared down to satisfy his essentially ascetic vision. His iron sculpture is marked by the contrast between the solidity of the iron and the openness of the design. His later granite works are also marked by their contrasting relationships, in particular the architectonic relationship of the large stone masses.
  • Gunhild Aaberg

    Gunhild Aaberg

    Gunhild Aaberg is a renowned Danish contemporary artist and ceramicist based in Copenhagen. She is among the very few in her field who have been awarded the Statens Kunstfonds' honorary award.
  • Jane Yang D'haene

    Jane Yang D'haene

    Each of D’Haene’s pieces speaks to her heritage while tapping into the here and now, lending an energetic sense of place and power to their surroundings.
  • Bradley Bowers

    Bradley Bowers

    Bradley Bowers's avant-garde approach to contemporary design seeks to redefine conventional standards within living spaces and everyday household items.