YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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GODOT Design


Based on a deep understanding of the brand owner and discussions of the appeal of the Roseate Beauty brand, GODOT Design engaged in in-depth thinking to create and interpret the role of the beauty industry in various urban application scenarios to start the creative process of this project. Within a limited spatial area, the focus was on optimizing the utilization of space and improving the chaotic traffic flow of both new and old customers. The aim was to create a beauty space that combines French classical romance with contemporary language, incorporating the cold and hard texture of Dongshi stones to poetically suggest the complexity of female identity through the design's contrasting elements.

In terms of visual etiquette, the design aims to interpret the brand's humanistic sentiment through space ambiance, including layout, furnishings, color strategy, and lighting design. Similar to a good brand, the space should provide psychological acceptance upon arrival, and the design aims to create a relaxing commercial space with a long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

The best spatial experience is one in which we are immersed and unaware of the natural ending and the beginning of art. GODOT Design expresses the relationship between "inside" and "outside" space through a step-by-step experience, emphasizing the harmony between details and the overall aesthetic. The unique artistic beauty and the use of various materials complement each other to create an orderly, infinitely extendable space.

The open-style traffic layout and the finely crafted geometric form of the dark-colored floor material add depth and visual tension to the space. The harmonious coexistence of classical and modern elements creates an aesthetic experience that transcends time.

The form of beauty is like a soft texture and a soft-spoken tone, soothing the body and mind and gathering comfort. The light and shadow relationship observed from different angles are integrated into the same space, expressed through different structural forms that utilize the material on the walls and ceilings to present a unified sense of tranquility. In the language of contemporary aesthetics, it expresses a fusion of elegance and style.

The arches distributed along the corridor and traffic flow intersect in a unique symmetrical way, focusing people's attention while making the space rich and diverse. With the use of different artistic forms, the space embodies different aesthetics and cultural backgrounds, captivating and immersing people.

The space is a product of the intersection of place and event, and the convergence of people and visual experience gives this type of space vitality. Design is a silent art, and when it speaks without sound, we who listen to the story are fortunate to meet it here.


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