YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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I IN Inc

The Life Residence

Interiors Houses Tokyo 2021-10-06

I IN and The new real estate brand "SMARG" from Tokyo and its design brand "The Life" propose The new living space in The future, which will change The overall concept of decoration. Studio from space design to brand name, logo, aroma of the overall brand shaping. By maximizing the potential of the space, they aim to truly regenerate the living space of the existing apartment.

Starting with this concept house in the central district of Tokyo, based on the concept of minimalism, the studio pursued the ultimate in intrinsic beauty, which is to minimize waste. The smallest elements are bound to have functional beauty, while at the same time achieving a stately space in which brilliance coexists. In the luxurious space, three concepts remain, it is both simple and stands out for its high quality.

The Life is based on three basic design concepts: rich simplicity, natural elegance and a sense of The future. One is to penetrate the "edge" of the room, emerging through the elimination of partition, to gently wrap the day and night to change its expression. Without giving the space itself a strong personality, it can even gently accept and harmonize the lifestyle of ten people and ten colors. The second is that using natural materials is not just "natural". Design and create facial expressions that can only be found in these materials. The combination of wood grain and fine accessories creates a solemn appearance. The third is that combinations of function, space and layout are never taken for granted. A new way of life, the standard of future decoration, is here.

Changes in culture and technology nowadays have provided us the freedom of life with making people’s daily activities more seamless. I IN believed that the connection of light and air in the space with each function was a necessary element for the living space in the future. The partition in the bathroom, which is made of corrugated glass, connects the light with a unique look, while dividing the scene. By separating the bed and living space with storage furniture, the sense of unity and spaciousness has increased, while giving each space a comfortable perception of scale.

 In addition, the edges of the wooden walls are curved inspired by the idea of familiarity with a detail from a long time ago in Japan. Its texture and soft luster, reminiscent of the round pillars of Japanese architecture, quietly inhabiting the room. The plaster finish that has been applied captures the ever changing light, and provides comfortable flow of time upon the entire space. Although it is a new renovation space that has never been experienced before, it is not a transient one, it is new proposal for a living that people can connect to for a long time.


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