YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Lia Interior Design x Puli

Shekou Investment Binjiangjing Marketing Center

Changsha, the city of stars and entertainment, attracts us not only for its food and entertainment, but also for the thousands of years of history and cultural blood flowing under the fabric of its modern metropolis. Located at the head of the Orange Island and on the banks of the Xiangjiang River, the project aims to respond to the city's charming temperament by creating a poetic and pictorial mood with a contemporary texture, using the imagery of "sparse shadows across the shallow water, dark fragrance floating in the dusk of the moon".

Body like glass, Clear inside and out

Peter Zumthor said: "When you like some material and touch it frankly, you will use it very well, very warm and friendly." The beginning of the project design revolves around the material.

Stepping into the reception lobby from the outside landscape corridor, the space changes from deep to bright and open. It is the design that transforms the transition from the prelude to the verse in the movement into the space. What directly catches the eye is the flexible and powerful long wall like a body of water. The clear and solid glass bricks are laid in a large area, and the tonality of the space is sublimated by the mobilization of the material texture.

Constructed Poetry

Logical and clear structure and construction can produce timeless beauty. The wall on the right side of the entrance has a sense of rhythm, and the changing volume is directional. The area of the walls gradually decreases, and the gaps between them gradually increase, like confrontation, so that some external landscape and light can be filtered into the interior, and customers will not be attracted too much attention by the external scene when watching the sand table. The proportion of the structure changes as a way of expression, and the sense of order in the space arises from it.

The 3D city model of the concave hemisphere forms a complete concave sphere under the reflection and reflection of the ceiling made of mirrored aluminum plates. The combination of virtual and real is the deep impression brought by the structure.

Interface and Depth of Field

As a transitional part connecting the exhibition area and the negotiation area, the elevator hall can also mobilize the atmosphere in addition to its functions. From the outside to the inside, the space is wide-narrow-wide so that the elevator hall is in a position similar to the depth of field in the front and rear of the focal point in photography. The design uses materials such as brass plates and DuPont paper to create a textured and intimate atmosphere. The environment enables people to obtain different experiences in the process of going deep into the interior of the space.

Land of Stars and Rivers

"Man-made houses, houses also make people." The sensory experience created by a good space atmosphere is above the form. The ceiling of the negotiation area is hollowed out, covered with Dupont paper, and the pattern and orientation of the twenty-eight constellations are completely reproduced on the Dupont paper. The light source is filtered through the paper and diffused softly, full of misty beauty.

Hanging a soft cloud boat in the hollow, looking at its combination with the hazy constellation light map, one can't help but think of the poem Tang Gong, a poet in the early Ming Dynasty: "When you are drunk, you don't know that the sky is in the water, and the boat is full of clear dreams to press down on the galaxy." Being under the cloud boat , only the pure sensory experience in the poem can be experienced.

Art And Nature

In the sinking negotiation area, if the scenery is just, visible out of the window Qiu Jin lush vegetation, sparkling light reflected to the windowsill, ceiling, in the artificial space is very close to nature, is unspeakable comfortable.

Looking towards the other end of the space, the spiral staircase echoes the ceiling installation in the negotiation area, becoming another visual focus. Sculptural stairs add more artistic atmosphere to the process of people's ascent.

In the project, the use of techniques and materials together with the structure become an important way to shape the sense of experience, and their echoes with the natural elements constitute a subtle and delicate public place. Between the light and shadow, the music that only belongs to the space flows, and all areas and details are transformed into notes to play the indoor movement.


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