YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Poetic Space X YHDQ Design

Jianfa•Haiyue Heming Sales Center

"Structure is the creator of light, and natural light is the only light that can make architecture into art."——Louis Kahn

Xiamen is a city where people gather. About this city, Lu Xun once wrote, "Such mountains, such seas, trees and flowers are always so open and green..." On the lush southeast coast, Liang Shiqiu and Lin Yutang lived here. Yueheming in The Sea, located in the hinterland of Haicang Bay in Xiamen, overlooking Tianzhu Mountain Forest Park in the north, surrounded by the belt Park around Maluan Bay in the east, the city in the sea, phoenix, Luyu Island, and birds singing in the autumn light.

In this city full of poetic flavour, stylist is in the eye of the mind pitching here everything inclusive, advocate the context of "poetic" east unique design expression, from interior design, landscape construction concept, will the every stone and sea breeze of our city, constructing spatial awareness, with exquisite brush in this era of blatant return to natural essence, make people's attachment.

Designers in the practice of "proportion, no aesthetics; life, no design" concept of at the same time, based on Chinese traditional culture, to contemporary humanistic international vision, thinking people, space, space interdependence of artistic language, on the basis of the traditional Oriental aesthetic into humanistic qualities, fit the present era, explore the Oriental philosophical enlightenment under the materials and light deductive habitable practice, with space to write poems.As a whole, the project adopts the design method of eliminating the asymmetry of centrality, and USES points, lines, colors, shapes, sounds and rhymes in local details to achieve the balance between inside and outside the space by integrating traditional elements.

There is an ancient poem, "the twelve degrees of circle are beautiful, the middle circle is the Mid-Autumn Festival", by the wall of a shining round moon opens the space story, in the middle of the month with a view into the mountains, accompanied by the sound of the waves, looked up to see the clear and clear moon in the night sky, and family reunion here, to their own.Around the moon door wall, and birds, looking for the sound of water, through the bamboo garden, moving different scenery. The entrance lobby with free flow garden layout, and outdoor garden inside and outside harmony, water around the court, winding path through the secluded. The designer takes inspiration from the Lingnan gardens and introduces the landscape gardens into them. Water and wood reflect each other, creating an elegant and tranquil indoor landscape artistic conception.


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