YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Yu Studio

Fanyue Wanguo House

Interiors Houses Beijing 2016-10-09

Van Gogh once said, "Nothing lasts forever, including art. The only thing that endures is the understanding of people and the world that art conveys." The same is true of design, whose importance lies in that it can optimize life in an innovative way, in which the designer's thinking is the most indispensable. Whether it is to create surprises in the inherent mode, or to introduce elements from other fields to stimulate thinking and imagination, it all comes down to the exploration of future life style.

Located in the embassy district of 77 countries, The Vatican Palace is adjacent to the first city tower in Beijing in the west and the embassy district in the east, where the cultures of different countries meet and the personalities of east and west collide. It is the place with the most global vision and atmosphere in Beijing.

The urban life created by people is an escape from nature, and when people get used to calm and comfortable security, they will be eager to return to the wild nature.

Now the reception hall of the Mansion is a cafe for the owners in the future. Facing the back garden of Liangma River, the two-storey L-shaped bookcase is the background of the whole space, and the sculptural staircase grows and extends in the space.

Different from Brahman 108, Wanguo mansion more reflects the "private" sense of home. Apartments in the heart of the city offer good food, drama and the ability to make friends. But because the limitation of area, the life function of a few families cannot spread out. So in the public part of the design, designer Yu Zhao introduced and realized part of the villa life content.

The bronze gate with a height of 8 meters at the entrance was made by hand. In the process of design, he found an old artist with copper chisel. He tried to transform his traditional imperial image into a modern handwork texture. Within three months, the old craft was revitalized. "The use and revival of traditional crafts is also a return to our traditions in the process of modernization." He said.

There are two deer in the space, one at the end of the courtyard and the other at the center of the lobby. The one in the courtyard hides between the wall and the trees, looking timidly at one another. In the lobby, standing on a pile of books, is more like the legendary beast, yu Zhao named it "Jasper glass", lively, as if to go out into the garden. It fits nicely with the bocci chandelier above.

Yu Zhao does not like too new things, such as furniture, after a period of time will leave traces of time, this trace gives people a close and familiar feeling, will not have too much distance. Just like an old friend doesn't make you feel uncomfortable around you. In his opinion, good service also provides this sense of belonging.

Kengo Kuma was asked: "How do you make people believe that architecture is alive?" Kuma replied: "Let them see human traces. The traces of someone's life, the building is alive."

This is what today's society needs: a sense of dialogue with life. Although we have to give up many things for life, we should still preserve as much kindness to life as we can. The design is not for color, but to create a harmonious, comfortable feeling.

The audience of Brahman palace is defined as the wealth and intelligence class. They have strong aesthetic personality, but at the same time, they are calm and intelligent. Therefore, the design here revolves around the cutting-edge mixing and rational interweaving. Guest restaurant breaks the traditional pattern, no longer emphasizes supporting consistent, seemingly random layout, but increased the freedom of the space.

"Design a lot of the time will be produced in the look whether to coordinate work, but we don't have too much attention to this matter, we see is the product and phenomenon, looking for every space look not associated and similar things, such as chairs, they come from different places and different times, even while I have to do is to make these naturally occur." He said.

Study and recreational room, it is the best space that shows character scene. At the same time, Ge Yanxi is more sensitive and restrained. He wanted to create a state of "presence," a detailed representation of real life scenes. Such a design is well versed in the construction of freedom. All possible elements are put into the space of ecology, development and non-harmony. They do not have to be too harmonious.

The master bedroom has an excellent view, but as a rest and private space, comfort is the first thing to be considered. Let metope and ground leave white enough, the window view of 180°, serve as huge hang picture, will replace other adornment, only with carpet and droplight foil one and two.


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