YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Yu Studio

Nanjing Bay Art Center

The sky light crawled slowly over the wall, past the golden antlers of the male antlers... In Yu Zhao's view, this is the beginning of space to beauty. The essence of beauty is not isolated, it is not only the field of aesthetics, but also includes the spiritual and ideological level. Therefore, in shaping the Nanjing Bay Art Center of China Resources, he left aside two issues: first, design for design's sake; Second, art for art's sake, and after that, the desire to reach the bottom of your heart becomes clearer: all things are willing to live for beauty.

When the antlers of stags sprout in spring, people always put on their best clothes in festivals. There is always a power in nature and civilization to strive for beauty, and many cities in China have their own new materials. It takes at least 10 years for a new plot to develop into a perfect residential ecology. It is true that rapid construction can be achieved with modern technology, but the beauty of a city still needs time to be nurtured slowly. I think this may be the original intention of China Resources to use an art center to mobilize the overall land construction.

How to cooperate with architects to achieve the space language as harmonious as possible is a problem that every interior designer often faces. Thanks to The arrangement of China Resources, this case was involved in the interior of the concept phase of the building. Lu Yichen, from Link-ARC architects, has a gentle and elegant temperament, but his heart is very firm and resolute to the plan. Due to the positioning of the project itself as an art center, the expression tension of the building is very strong, like an aircraft carrier ready to be launched.

The space of the whole three levels is open and flowing. There is no clear interior boundary. It seems to be occluded randomly, but there is a hidden and carefully set interlacing relationship. The space continues from the exterior to the interior, and the torsion and structural cohesion within the building create a space of tension. The staircase is the theme of the space, which runs through the three levels. The ramps and Bridges around the staircase allow the audience to walk and shuttle through several interconnected tall Spaces. At the beginning of interior design, I positioned myself as an outsider, trying to have a dialogue between balance and architecture.

Young people will always be frivolous, like strong expression. As you get older, you'll come to like the right kind of strength, like the perfect arc of a volley. The expression tension of the building itself is very strong, which is the characteristic of most public art Spaces. We need to transmit this force to the space, and at the same time, we need to use a gentle force to catch it and slowly fall to the ground. The design appeal given before the project is actually a contradictory body. On the one hand, I hope to keep the building high and cold as much as possible to reflect the tonality of the art museum; on the other hand, I hope that the indoor feeling requires warmth and affinity. After all, I still need to give consideration to the sales function.

Design is actually a choice, the process of learning is addition, constantly trying various methods to accumulate; And the process of design is actually to do subtraction, constantly for their own thinking to reduce the burden, can not be reduced. AVION large chandeliers, designed by Copenhagen-based designer group ISkos-Berlin, are used as dynamic packaging or to mark the passage through the building in a line. Inspired by the Zeppelin, the Zeppelin represents a fusion of traditional classics and contemporary technology.

If you want too much, you might as well do nothing, drop everything and leave as much blank space as possible for the audience. The color and materials of the space are used to Jane, and the art works and furniture are just the beginning of the introduction for the audience. The shooting of the project after twists and turns, but also difficult for the photographer Wang Hall. The original shooting plan was to shoot as soon as it was completed. However, the weather was not perfect. It happened to be the rainy season in Nanjing.

When the rainy season is over, and every site sales activities, the atmosphere is no longer, or can not shoot, and so on for more than a month. I was still very worried about the second shooting. I kept asking on WeChat whether I could catch the precious light of the scene. As soon as the film came out, I was finally relieved that everything was ok. It's interesting to think about it. We are used to the high speed and high pace of life, and sometimes we have time to stop, but it is the right pace. I wanted to leave white space for daylight, but instead I waited for a period of memory. Such a result is actually better.

The so-called web celebrity, which is popular nowadays, is a shot of eyeball in a very short time, but there is nothing left in the memory. Beautiful things need to wait for some, if life can really leave more time, in fact, it is a very graceful enjoyment. At the beginning of the project, When I spent the day on site, I recall a moment in which the sky slowly climbed over the wall, skimming over the golden antlers of the male antlers. In every project, there are always some surprises.

"Alien: Will the World Be Good?" "Will the World Be Good? ", one of the works in the "Strange Land" series, also echoes the title. The white colt stares back affectionately, hesitantly, more like asking the audience, "Does it really make sense to keep going?"

Life is like this. In the process of selecting art collection, the art in the hall is particularly crucial. It determines the overall mood of the space. The sculpture "Will the world be Ok?" by famous artist Teacher Xiang Jing was initially identified. However, due to some changes, it failed to make it, which is also a pity of this project.

Perhaps as a result of preconceived notions, several alternatives failed to deliver satisfactory results, and work reached a stalemate. Just when everyone was at their wit's end, my private collection of Ren Zhe's work "Jasper glass" lent back. The image of Xiang Jing's work is that of a horse turning back, with a temperament of doubt and pity. The image of ren Zhe after the 1980s is a deer holding ganoderma lucidum in its mouth. The overall feeling is vivid and high-spirited. This is really a "deer for horses".


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