YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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  • Hockey Changing Rooms

    Hockey Changing Rooms

    The entire project was built using three basic materials: Exposed Concrete, Aluminum, and Glass since the aim was to obtain formal coherence with solid and durable supporting material.
  • N'insul Hotel

    N'insul Hotel

    North Island bay N 'insul original wild luxury hotel is located in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region shapotou Town Yellow River Zuji.
  • Ililsiho Jeju

    Ililsiho Jeju

    Studio Fragment focuses on the fluidity and quality of space, with all buildings taking on
  • Limit House

    Limit House

    The composition of the house arises from a series of parallel walls that enhance the visual connections between the North and the South, bounded by the hill and the valley, between the two gardens of the residence.
  • Mexican Home Hotel

    Mexican Home Hotel

    The design team believes that the premise of the design is to produce a multi-purpose co-existence space that creates an identity for the project through its materiality.
  • Stone Court Villa

    Stone Court Villa

    This 10-acre stretch of desert contains two desert scours. A modern and ancient architecture, where walls contain space and space contains walls.
  • Desert City House

    Desert City House

    The project is located on a relatively flat one-acre site facing the Arizona Canal, Squaw Peak Mountain Preserve to the north and Camelback Mountain to the east.
  • Apex House

    Apex House

    Marking the first phase of the Seven Sisters Regeneration Project, Apex House is a prominent structure designed to be seen from different aspects from surrounding streets.
  • Bilgola Beach House

    Bilgola Beach House

    In Olson Kundig's first contact in Australia, a robust, masculine approach combined respect and understanding of rural architectural typologies to form idyllic structures in sand dunes.
  • Villa Mm

    Villa Mm

    The house is an ideal place for family recreation, relaxation and vacation, incorporating natural vegetation into family life.
  • Barranca del Muerto

    Barranca del Muerto

    Uses a reinforced concrete grid structure to regulate the basic elements of the interior space, resulting in departments made up of two and three modules.
  • Monte Tauro

    Monte Tauro

    The required project was separated and arranged based on three circulation axes on the ground floor plan, dividing the public axis, the service axis, and a bedroom block.
  • Melbourne Home

    Melbourne Home

    With careful consideration for positioning and space planning, each room delicately pivots around this central space, using greenery to visually connect every room.
  • Mirador Residence

    Mirador Residence

    The built form mimics the natural rusticity of its surroundings by standing bare against the sun to weather gracefully, as it was crafted to do so.
  • OV House

    OV House

    Nicolas Schuybroek wanted to create a larger open garden at the entrance of the house as much as possible. The building itself is made of rectangular grey bricks, a material that gives the building a certain aesthetic and solitariness, while at the same time blending in with the local natural environment, creating a timeless beauty.