YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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  • Encosta House

    Encosta House

    In a territory occupied by the proximity of other lots, the terrain is protected by materializing its boundary.
  • Kupuri House

    Kupuri House

    Kupuri is a hospitality single-family housing project located in Punta Mita, Nayarit (Mexico), designed by the Módica Ledezma office in collaboration with Central de Arquitectura on land in the third line of view of the Pacific, offering great viewing opportunities.
  • Freebird


    Alexis Dornier Makings is proud to announce the completion of 'The Free Bird Project,' a private residence in Berawa, Bali, that seamlessly blends contemporary Japanese design with tropical modernism.
  • Off Grid House

    Off Grid House

    Off Grid House is a celebration of family, and timber. Following the sale of a farm that existed within their family for multiple generations, our clients had been disunited from the place they had long called home.
  • Baja Wellness Retreat

    Baja Wellness Retreat

    Elevated yet raw, this sanctuary, inspired by Jasmine's childhood in the Italian island of Sardinia, harmonizes beautiful design, health, and relaxation. 
  • River Hills Residence

    River Hills Residence

    Emerging from a sloping berm, the River Hills Residence embodies the laid-back ethos of Austin.
  • Narsighar


    Designed contextual to the climate, location, and heritage of the region, Narsighar revives Indian traditional planning principles and revives traditional crafts, creating an energy-efficient home built to last for centuries, and for future generations.
  • Valencia House

    Valencia House

    Located in the countryside of São Paulo, Valência House is a carefully designed summer retreat aimed at bringing the family together amidst the tranquility of the countryside. The central concept of the project is to promote a direct integration between the natural environment and the interior of the residence, achieved through spacious and permeable social spaces.
  • Clay


    In the heart of Hyderabad's upscale Jubilee Hills neighbourhood stands an architectural marvel by Sona Reddy Studio, blending Brutalist aesthetics with vibrant interior design in a remarkable three-story home.
  • Sound House

    Sound House

    Sound House is located in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. This elevated peninsula northwest of downtown offers expansive views across Puget Sound and to downtown Seattle.
  • Casa Manacá

    Casa Manacá

    Harmonious integration with the surroundings, harmony with nature, and functionality were premises for the Casa Manacá project, designed by the VAGA Arquitetura.
  • Wisteria House

    Wisteria House

    Located in a heritage conservation area, its airy new volume unfolds in a delicate manifestation of a brief.
  • Casa Mezcal

    Casa Mezcal

    Casa Mezcal is a captivating private residence in the heart of vibrant La Condesa Neighborhood in Mexico City. This 400㎡ property, housed in a former mezcal tasting facility, combines architecture, nature, design, andcraftsmanship in perfect harmony.
  • Haras HCN

    Haras HCN

    The modernity of cement goes well with the more traditional ceramic tiles and with wood and black metalwork, resulting in a work that speaks to the pre-existences and the place where it is located.
  • Monitor’s Rest

    Monitor’s Rest

    Emerging on a monolithic plinth from the craggy slopes of Park City, Utah, the 18,000-square-foot home offers moments of respite for an active, outdoors-oriented family.