YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Lanye Space Design

Bon Vigour Medical Cosmetic Center

Like language, the space defined as "container", as a form of carrying matter, constructs the authenticity of our daily life. At the same time, it is similar to syntax. The space layout of buildings and community places reflects the nature of social gender differences, aesthetic interest and economic relations. In different space forms, the underlying logic and internal thinking of design are closely related to the users of the space, which endows the space with unique character, color and internal natural attributes.

As a new type of skin beauty brand in Chengdu, bon vigour is presented with a diversified and innovative spirit. Different from the commercial space in the general sense, the single relationship between the service provider and the served is transformed into the interactive relationship between the brand and the target demander, which makes the current independent female image break away from the established connotation of terms and sociological meaning, gradually become three-dimensional and have strong identifiability, and thus be talked about, concerned and valued by various media.

Feminine Space

The concept of space has a long history. This kind of internal space enclosed and constructed by buildings constitutes a tangible material life field. Among them, "female space" refers to a series of spaces with consumption, cognition and sharing characteristics triggered by women, and creates space identity and emotional attribution with women's specific, comfortable and positive physical and psychological needs as the core, and at the same time becomes their important private domain, which coincides with the brand pursuit and career goals of bon vigour.

Located in the corner of the shopping center, it not only relies on the dense influx of people from the site, but also distinguishes itself from the external bustle of the city. The desert style and texture of the internal ceiling and facade form a unique keynote language of the space. The rhythm, charm and visual implication of the flow in the place have a symbolic connection with the flowing and naturally occurring rivers in the desert. Water is the graceful feature of women and the strength of deep deposits.

Natural Cycle

No matter in organic or inorganic form, everything has its own life cycle of self operation. The hall, which is responsible for the main reception, rest, salon and other functions, forms the main visual focus of the space with a continuous, spiraling ribbon structure, extending from the water bar area to the open rest area, so that the stable three-dimensional space presents a rhythmic momentum, containing the generation, starting, growth, change, rotation, and then cycle back and forth, to express the symbolic meaning of material metabolism.

The square window view area is surrounded by half high curved glass bricks, which ensures a wide view and divides the area into "independent" areas, and strengthens the psychological implication through four round carpets. Circle and arc form a corresponding relationship with the same design language, which is continuous and connected with each other. The furniture and furnishings of different categories, seemingly random but carefully selected and matched together, constitute a vivid and interesting scene in the local space.

Her Mirror Image

In Jacques Lacan's view, "mirror image" is the beginning of a kind of self-consciousness awakening, which clarifies the boundary between "self" and "others". "she" is the specific reference of gender. This unique moral is projected into space, showing the independent and free spiritual connotation of women. Based on the particularity of the site, bon vigour serves customers arriving in different directions nearby by means of double moving lines and double reception. The rectangular plane is connected by turning and forming a channel to the scene.

Compared with the spiral upward movement of the hall, the ceiling of the small rectangular hall is dominated by the left and right horizontal movement, emphasizing the moving direction of the moving line, its complex sequence structure, and the visual contrast of the simple facade and ground. The half high curved glass brick enclosure structure reappears, echoing the design elements of the hall, and the faint halo from the bottom renders the space atmosphere of the unique situation.

Rhythmic Meter

Local contraction and amplification are the only way to solve the narrow and long passage. During the journey, the ups and downs of rhythm constitute a dynamic landscape with rich facades. The hall connecting the small hall has a space scale ranging from large to small, and then to smaller corridors. As a buffer area for the connection, the screen of the sequence is displayed in the space in a 45 degree oblique angle to show the different life stages of women from birth, growth, youth to old age. Although their age and appearance are different, we should learn to appreciate the beauty in different states. The essence, age and nature are the spiritual core of beauty.

It has always been the brand proposition of bon vigour to follow the inherent order and laws of nature and improve and coordinate the periodic operation of body metabolism. In space, it provides a new, matching, and other perspective on the interpretation of independent spiritual women.


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