YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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MingZhou Tea SPA

The culture of the Chinese nation, through thousands of years of evolution, was created in the Zhao and Song dynasties. -------- Chen Yinque

When asked which dynasty people would like to return to in their dreams, the Song Dynasty is the most popular one. Because it is both ideal and reality, and great vulgar and elegant. In the Southern Song Dynasty, Hangzhou, known as "the first Southeast State", has inherited many Song architectural styles and minimalist aesthetics. Mingzhou Art space is located in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. 25 years of brand experience has bred a unique set of Han physiotherapy system. Combining with Hangzhou's unique tea culture, it creates the brand positioning of tea SPA.

Bluestone stone plate, stepping into the face is stacked green tiles, minimalist lines of the modeling wall. Antique cement, big simple if dull, through the wall as if to hear a thousand years ago, the Song Dynasty elegant people crooning shallow singing. The strong and soft light in the niche spreads out and gathers inside, such as the gentle and sincere invitation of the literati to go to a leisurely and contented spiritual roaming. Moving indoors, the bar, which is mainly made of natural rubble, is cool and full of power. Sitting in it, the aura lingering is a prologue without language.

The faint bamboo curtain and the semi-transparent metal screen, half reality and half ideal, are all what modern people want to understand. And here, with a little light, light tea fragrance, escape for a moment, let the heart rest, then set sail again. 'Sunny window fine milk play tea', diffuse fall in a corner of the reception area, tea for tea paste, water stroke, don't fight tea, only enjoy a quiet fragrance. "Closed pavilion burning incense Nai rain", light incense burner, a room of dark incense. The turnover room is full of romantic classical feelings.

Step up the stairs to the shared reception space on the second floor, which is limited but interesting. With song-style wabi-sabi wind flower arrangement and hanging pictures, and tea, incense and Song Dynasty four kinds of affairs. In fact, it is not idle, it belongs to a flourishing era of the spirit of The Times. When we thought rich, then began to heart something, a flower and a tree are interesting, a person is interested. Winding path, is a private one - room nursing area. Choose a room alone, light tea incense, drop essential oil rub gently, relax the mood, unload fatigue. Enjoy the Oriental rhythm of a distant prosperous dynasty. SPA can also cooperate with five senses, immersive.


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