YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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    This case is a 220 square meter duplex renovation, which is not limited to a single style in design .Incorporates some "rough" elements in details, boldly attempting to give the space a unique charm.
  • House Am Walt

    House Am Walt

    A number of signature details were also developed for the home, a unique visual language specific to the project, which is carried through in all the details.
  • LAY DESIGN Studio

    LAY DESIGN Studio

    We hope that the studio presents neutral color tones, balanced concepts, natural tactile materials, and sculptural shapes, creating a relaxed and natural working atmosphere.
  • Cascais House

    Cascais House

    This interior is about warm light, hedonism, and details, about a new life with familiar traditions.
  • The ANGD

    The ANGD

    The texture of space was intended to deal with the richness of space with the diversity of materials and textures in a calm color tone-on-tone atmosphere.
  • Origami Bar

    Origami Bar

    The name "Origami" is derived from a video of paper airplanes, which carry a wealth of symbolism. They seem to be simple, but they contain different experiences for each person.
  • Waikiki Cocktail Bar

    Waikiki Cocktail Bar

    Once upon a time, a nomadic tribe embarked on a journey, guided by the whispers of the wind and the rhythms of the waves.
  • Watson Restaurant

    Watson Restaurant

    The Watson is located at the edge of Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant vibrant and walkable neighborhood filled with independent shops and cafés, in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Restaurant Haut

    Restaurant Haut

    In this project TJIP shows how clever alignment and balanced proportions not only ensure a better layout and organisation, but also introduce visual tranquillity.
  • Mo Yuan

    Mo Yuan

    When discussing the way of nature, it stem from the objective reality, transcends its materiality to reflect individual personality, and leading to an awakening of self-consciousness within the natural landscape of mountains and rivers, revealing the varying aesthetics of nature at each stage.
  • Torstrasse 140

    Torstrasse 140

    VAUST studio embarked on a journey to reinvent the space's aesthetic, breaking free from its previous office identity while retaining its functional essence.
  • Moscow Apartment with Oriental Accents

    Moscow Apartment with Oriental Accents

    Ekaterina Spinelli wanted to make the apartment special and very cozy, with a strongly pronounced individuality.
  • S24 Apartment

    S24 Apartment

    VAUST Studio’s holistic interior design concept for the renovation of this old Duesseldorf based apartment seamlessly blends neoclassical elements with Bauhaus notes.
  • Apartment in Double Bay II

    Apartment in Double Bay II

    There are many fond memories ensconced in the walls of this apartment in Double Bay, Sydney, with the homeowners having made their life here since the building was constructed some 45 years ago.
  • Dinesen Apartment

    Dinesen Apartment

    The redesigned apartment, located at Dinesen’s Copenhagen showroom, is a joint project between Dinesen and the revered British architectural designer and marks three decades of collaboration.