YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Wang Yueshan&Guo Zan

Jinshang · XiShe

Interiors Houses Kunshan 2024-05-15

Kunshan Jinshang · XiShe Homestay:Poetic lakeside, breezes blow the pension into dreamland in other lands.

The green lake is long, the grass and trees are silent. The breeze and the moon, the home of the Brahmins. Cloud light, mountain green, whisking clothes. Tea, books and shadows, idle feelings.

Kunshan Jinshang · Xi She Homestay

Coming home, South of the Yangtze River, A gentle quiet place.

Our cities are bustling, noisy, and a dizzying array of colors that stimulate and hurt us. Only home can renew our energy, vitality, balance and happiness. Whether in the body, or in the mind, it plays a dual protective role of material and spirit.

Jinshang · XiShe Homestay is located in Jijiadun ancient Town, Jinxi City, Kunshan City. It is a gift from a father to his daughter. In the name of home, we hope guests can feel warm, comfortable and comfortable when they enter the homestay. it is a healing place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The design returns to the true nature and expresses the poetic beauty of the quiet water town in the south of the Yangtze River. Guests are expected to slow down, calm down, and find the philosophy of life in the nature of focusing on themselves and time and space.

Jinshang · XiShe Homestay is located in the natural lake, green trees, shining lake, black tiles and white walls, a good picture of rural Fuchun mountain residence. The project consists of four individual buildings, which are designed to respect the historical architectural space environment and retain the local characteristics of the ancient town in a residential group. Moreover, the independent building blocks are rationally linked on the dynamic line to open up the spatial relationship between indoor and outdoor, and the indoor and architectural landscape are integrated and expressed, so as to open more dialogue between people and space, and between people and nature.

Walking into the inside, time slows down, the building exudes the beautiful atmosphere of the Jiangnan water town, the quiet and leisurely atmosphere permeates the air, perhaps the sun falls on the bluestone path, perhaps the breeze blows the sound of the leaves, everything makes people feel quiet and comfortable.

Stay in peace, Rest by the water, Read books, enjoy the scenery.

Jinshang · XiShe Homestay has 14 rooms, the common part has a shared restaurant, multi-purpose room, family entertainment room, coffee bar, as well as outdoor farm and lawn. The space is here to return to the Chinese style of elegant life, a unique Chinese attitude and lifestyle characterized by wisdom, leisure, understanding and awakening.

Jiangnan water Village this land nourished by rivers, lakes and seas, the air is filled with poetry, and the ink painting is in circulation, the years are long and long. The interior space integrates the romantic feelings of Jiangnan into it, using natural wood, old beams, blue SLATE, natural rattan, linen, and the texture of micro-cement to create a more natural space atmosphere. The design not only shows the poetic beauty of tranquility, but also immerses people in the quietness and charm of the water town in the south of the river.

At the same time, the design focuses on the interaction between indoor and outdoor Spaces, and the use of large-area floor-to-ceiling Windows and grilles makes the space itself open a dialogue with light and shadow, presenting a dynamic and harmonious atmosphere. The seasons change, everything sometimes, the flow of light and shadow in the space will awaken people's perception of nature, and then the understanding of life.

The Chinese style of elegant life expresses a spiritual yearning for the pastoral life in the farming era and the advocation of the spiritual life of keeping simple and true. Zhuangzi once said: a useless use will eventually have a great use. Let us sing useless poems, drunk unintentionally, read useless books, clock useless feelings, but therefore life more interesting.

The design of light has a practical function in the space, but also carries deep emotional and spiritual significance. Space is filled with the spirit of light and wisdom, giving people a sense of time, direction and space, and making people feel inner peace and tranquility in it.

Designer Naruhito Yoshioka said, "Design can lead to the subtle perception of no body like emotions, designers exist for the design of feelings and emotions." The corridor platform flows with a quiet aesthetic consciousness, giving people a sense of peace connected with the beauty of wabi Sabi.

Poetic dwelling, Free and easy, Back to nature, Meet the self.

Each building of Jinshang · XiShe Homestay has an independent large living room on the first floor. The space takes "quiet" as the starting point. Through natural texture elements, the natural essence, the ethereal and quiet elegance of the temperament and the spirit of Zen return to the essence communicate.

Philosopher Heidegger once said: "The essence of life is poetic, people should poetically inhabit the earth." The design integrates the vast fields, forests and rivers and other natural artistic conception, such as the light and shadow of the sun passing through the forest, the atmosphere is elegant and quiet, just like the quiet mountains under Wang Wei's pen. Sitting alone in the room, the empty room is silent, both inside and outside the body are "the mountain fruit falling in the rain, the grass and insects singing under the lamp", let people go to the realm of heaven and earth, live in harmony with nature, and experience the joy and beauty of blending with the earth.

The tea room, the elegant life of the Chinese people, is also the spiritual palace of people's taste of life. Ask the mountain what? Songhua wine, spring water tea, life is not impatient, dialogue with nature, guests can drink tea in this quiet, gradually into the best.

In  dream,Sleeping on the river, In spring, the river water is clear and green, greener than the sky, and passengers fall asleep listening to the rain on their painted boats.

Jinshang · XiShe Homestay has 14 rooms, each room type is unique, to create an ideal residence integrated with nature, residents can enjoy wandering in nature, feel the romance and comfort of life.

The building is relative to the clear lake, showing the elegant scenery, and the room space is designed by the method of framing, so that the interior has an excellent view. The tone of the space is simple and elegant, and the color match is harmonious and unified, echoing the natural scenery of the outside world, just like "after the new rain in the empty mountains, the weather comes late autumn".

The quiet atmosphere permeates every corner and makes people feel calm. Design through the nature of color, order, rhythm to interpret the space, so that the mood of life and natural scenery blend. The space picture is like the breeze blowing on the face, with a quiet Zen sense, but also with a fresh breath of life.

Sit in front of the lake and feel the purity and transparency of the scenery. The multi-dimensional experience of the senses will arouse the excitement of the heart. The visitor will release his troubles and indulge himself in the beauty of life.

In the space sleeping on the river, the design integrates the Suzhou garden characteristics of "separated but not separated, boundaries but not boundaries" approach, presenting a light and transparent space, an open and free atmosphere. The soft and rustic color of the washing area is just like the quiet and smooth water in the mountains, and it touches people's heartstrings under the charming light, as if people were in the mountains swept by the breeze.

The ideal place for parent-child families, the design from the point of view of children, to create a warm and comfortable living place. It is not only a residence, but also a world of parent-child interaction and emotional exchange. A large number of soft arcs are used in the design to create an elegant and warm sense of space, providing enough security and fun for children.


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