YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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  • Fema Art Paint Exhibition Hall

    Fema Art Paint Exhibition Hall

    The fresh green constructs the beauty of the original ecology in a corner, so that the vitality and vitality of nature infect the space and people's emotions.
  • House in the City Centre

    House in the City Centre

    Located in a stately building, the house is articulated by the kitchen piece that serves as a reception for the visitor with a sculptural volume that organizes the space.
  • Glory of Thrones

    Glory of Thrones

    Modern medieval tonality has harmonious colors, textured furniture and a large number of works of art, which makes the whole space present a modern and profound aesthetic feeling.
  • Highsnobiety


    The contrast between old and new luxury is reflected in the space by exploring design themes of the opposites, such as roughness vs sleekness and heritage vs modernity.
  • DOK Space Aesthetics Center

    DOK Space Aesthetics Center

    As a carrier, the physical environment, through the construction of space, the rendering of atmosphere, the remodeling of scenes and other forms, can naturally establish a certain inner spiritual connection with metaphysical consciousness.


    The project aims to experiment with the limits of the workspace and seek a new concept that goes hand in hand with the idea of Domus and Museum.
  • Pebble Beach Residence

    Pebble Beach Residence

    The clients for the project—golf aficionados with a passion for collecting art—had found a site for their dream home on a gently sloping lot studded.
  • Nantong Zhonghai Zhenru Mansion

    Nantong Zhonghai Zhenru Mansion

    The aesthetic garden integrated with nature makes every step of the way home beautiful. Zheyi designed Z ONE⁺ to connect the dream of living in the old city with real life scenes and home routes.
  • Realm of Euphemism

    Realm of Euphemism

    The significance of space is not only a dwelling place to settle down body and mind, but also a field for us to find our true emotions and spiritual identity.
  • Cella Restaurant

    Cella Restaurant

    At the instigation of the interior designers Grain Design Office and architect Raf De Backer, the warehouse has been stripped and transformed into an urban-chic restaurant and bar over the past few months.
  • Buvette Daphnée Restaurant

    Buvette Daphnée Restaurant

    The establishment, led by a head chef with deep roots in Quebec and years of experience in Ottawa, aims to showcase a blend of both cultures through the eyes of a nostalgic francophone residing in the country's capital.
  • Hotel Toranomon Hills

    Hotel Toranomon Hills

    Hotel Toranomon Hills is the first Tokyo outpost of the Unbound Collection by Hyatt, which is a curated compilation of one-of-a-kind hotels offering premium facilities and experiential surroundings.
  • Shorts Gardens

    Shorts Gardens

    This apartment consists of a highly considered design to cleverly make use of the space with eclectic pieces, objets and finishes to elevate the home. 
  • Perelló València

    Perelló València

    Viruta Lab designs a poetic sanctuary for the soul and mental health in Valencia.
  • Garden Villa

    Garden Villa

    The concept of this project incorporates the picture of a perfect country life.