CIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix DesignBefore you build a house in the city,
Build a bower of your imagination out in the wilderness.
——(Gibran, The Prophet)

Starting with architecture, we have gone through 21 years of time
Each iteration witnessed the construction of a beautiful living life

       With the continuous updating of urban interface and the advent of stock market, product genes constantly stimulate the internal driving force of Xuhui. From three good, four high, five IP to the newly upgraded CIFI7 system, each human-oriented product system iteration and innovation constantly echoes the exploration of human settlements in the era. From July 20 to 23, 2021, Xuhui will present CIFI7 surreal "Xuhui smile product" exhibition experience hall at China Construction Expo • International Hardcover Design Exhibition, and build an ideal home for Chinese people with high appearance level, high technology, high experience and high perception of life map.
CIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix Design        CIFI Group "painting" the prophet "prophet" future conceptual metaphors pioneering space field, the expression "painting" was used to construct a unique visual matrix, nature, science, technology, appearance, personality of four themes into space, to show the information age Z generation for a place to live under the deep understanding and reverse thinking. The overall space design adopts a surrealistic approach, depicting a new perception of idealist with various scenes through details and the green theme of precious stars, reflecting the human settlement culture and insight of The Times from the perspective of Xuhui, and also responding to the eternal proposition of harmonious coexistence of space and nature.

CIFI "Prophet Painting Book"
China Construction Expo • International Hardcover Design Exhibition
A house that refracts life
An insight into the future of life
Nature • technology • level of appearance • personality
Four themes of multiple narrative
Hall 1.2, Area A, Canton Fair Pavilion

Blockbuster Launch

The house, the flowing multi-dimensional picture book
Put it in the room and start the fold-open-immerse "reading" mode

       Beauty does not exist in objects, but in the ripples and shades that create shadows between things. The gallery outside the exhibition hall forms a complete facade in an abstract design context, stripping off elaborate decorations and echoing the true appearance of the space. The silver tinfoil facade folds reflect the light source, reflecting the metallic texture in the strong dialogue between light and dark, bringing visual impact and revealing a very concrete sense of the surreal Prophet world.
       The reception area serves as the aesthetic prelude of the whole space painting book. Stroll in it, giving visitors a surprise of "reading" gradually. Meanwhile, with the help of the extension of the facade, the appearance level tone of the space art is laid by the enclosed state. On the basis of the original space, soft decoration design follows the green ecological theme of symbiosis between nature and man, and further expands and extends. Interesting individual doll installation dotted with them, as if shuttling in the vast forest of the spirit, inspire a new imagination.
CIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix Design One side intelligent cloud surge, one side visual roaming.
Space is a picture book of technology and appearance level.

       Connecting the reception area and the model area is a "time corridor", where the vision is once again enhanced: the quiet space, abstract lines like rolling river, slowly changing with the movement of light, shadow and people. Part of it is the historical tide traveling through time, and part is the human story floating in shadows. The immersion brought by technology and space achieve a suitable balance.
CIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix Design        The porch is seen at the end of the corridor, as the conversion of the situation from outside to inside, the transition is natural. The overall space design is similar to Carlo Scarpa's attention to details. Through changes in materials, proportions and scales, a unified visual system -- precious green color of the planet -- is used in different areas to create a magical dream of green ecology and natural forest vitality. In the horizontal space of appearance of monochrome sketch, on the one hand, it shows the consistency of interface; on the other hand, it emphasizes the harmonious relationship between physical nature (living space) and rationality (natural symbiosis concept), which also expresses Xu Hui's deep thinking on the proposition of man, nature and health.
Boundless, reshaped natural landscape
Relation field has become a new subject to express the sequence of natural space

CIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix Design        The kitchen is adjoining porch, pattern opens close clever move, form to lie between empty dialogue with sitting room of meeting of middle island stage, divide a move thereby rhythm of one static field. The refined kitchen storage system is people-oriented to meet the needs of diversified storage. As the social center of the space, the super-long central island guides the expansion and overlap of various lifestyles in the container of time. The artistic installation composed of carefully matched flowers, vegetables and fruits and the crystal glassware on the tray foil the ritual feeling of dining. The natural and pure decorative texture is integrated with the space, and echoes the thinking proposition of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, man and the environment.

CIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix DesignCIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix DesignCIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix Design


Sculpture is poetry, architecture is prose
Space is a livable natural picture book

       The upgraded "Freedom +" hall pays tribute to the pioneer era with an open space scale, carrying a variety of functions such as family watching movies, queuing for parties, parent-child, VR games and so on in the post-epidemic era. The interior adopts metal mesh material to simulate the form of cloud and mist, and echoes the beautiful theme of natural human habitation by making natural things under the wind of science and technology. To balance the relationship between human and nature with the theme of natural ecology, integrate the beauty of natural culture into life, and return life to nature, so that residents can freely communicate and communicate in the interactive social field. Looking around, the migratory line makes the whole space "flow", can gather in groups, can also enjoy their own quiet heaven and earth, multiple healthy living scene, let personally experience can live, can swim.
CIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix DesignCIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix Design        In the opinion of John Dewey, the famous educator of the United States, education is to provide children with the conditions to ensure their growth or full life. The parent-child entertainment area does not materialize the space during the construction, but realizes the freedom and continuity of the space through diversified functions. The art installation on display -- Yuhui Bear Dolls instantly lights up the space, responding to the individual needs of Generation Z, and bridging the distance between adults and children with an immersive experience to make each other intimate. The interesting parent-child space full of warmth and interaction is a place to release the nature, a paradise for infinite reverie, and an educational world to inspire children's mental development.CIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix DesignCIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix Design

Humanism, freehand personality field
Personalization contains the precipitation of inner world and ideal life

CIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix DesignCIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix Design

Design a post-epidemic era of constant innovation
Space is a self-awakening personality picture book

       Generation Z, as the main force and perceiving group of the economic level of appearance, makes people begin to re-examine the definition of aesthetics and self-identity in space. Walking slowly along the hall, a new order grows in X space: the cascading floral landscape composed of plants and fruits wraps the space inside and outside, and the natural ecology is embodied here, forming a unique charm. Unique exclusive space, reading, e-sports, live broadcasting, fitness and other functions to release the personality of the residents. Take off the social mask and embrace the temple of the true self, where you can listen to the dialogue between space and your inner self.
CIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix Design        Entering the master bedroom space, it is natural and clear. On both sides of the passage are walk-in exclusive cloakrooms. The 270-degree panoramic space is divided and extended at different scales through soft and hazy definition. Right in front is the specially created goddess area, which expands the field and adds a makeup storage space, and redefines the fashion "personality" appearance of the place through the persona. Mori bedding continues the overall tone color system to create a high appearance level of rest place, sending out soft natural breath.
CIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix DesignCIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix DesignCIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix Design        In the post-epidemic era, health and comfort have become the main theme of the space, and self-perception rooted in the space has been magnified. How to make residents gain a sense of security and immunity in the place has become an urgent problem to be considered. Three separate bathroom space, toilet, shower, toilet three functions are both independent of each other, to avoid each space connected to each other. Between breathing and breathing, the fragrance of plants and the artistic atmosphere of the forest are spread out to restore the ideal life form.
CIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix DesignCIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix DesignCIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix Design        In the balcony area, the sahui bear device displayed on the wall adds a deeper meaning to the physical space. As an interesting partner of the space, it creates a dream throughout the growth process for the residents. Projection, is a magic brush like a fine brush, but also the space of multi-dimensional expression of the artistic technique.
CIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix Design        Through the balcony, accompanied by pleasant music, you come to the "end page" of the painting space. The immersive interactive space composed of multimedia devices -- "Quiet Garden" creates an interactive world of flowers and plants transformed by light and shadow. The building surface serves as the projection medium and picture, and uses technology to bring shocking audio-visual experience to people. Midsummer night, the dream that the piece of mountain flowers in full bloom, the mysterious forest that the elves infest came Nannan's low singing, touch the screen with the hand real time feel the light and shadow floating, let a person linger.
CIFI Xianzhihuaben Designed by CIFI X Matrix Design        Natural aesthetics, scientific and technological wisdom, superhigh appearance level space shows the humanistic personality. As a human living demonstration sample to achieve the life, the CIFI7 surreal "smile products" show experience hall by implanting pure design techniques, combined with modern science and technology intelligent products, for the urban elite and middle class family group to create a "quality luxury" life experience. This time for the idealist carefully built, but also in the time of confirmation, echoes the Xuhui years adhering to the "build a better life" brand mission.


Project Name:China Construction Expo • International Hardcover Design Exhibition × CIFI
Project Location:Hall 1.2, Area A, Canton Fair Pavilion
Photography:Shi Xiang Wan He

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